Ansatsu Kizoku | First Impressions: So far so good.

Ansatsu Kizoku or Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru, has offered an interesting twist, you’ll can be reborn under the condition that you kill the hero.

Something I’ve come to understand that for anything Isekai or reincarnation there will always be a condition for why a person is in this new world or body. For Lugh Tuatha Dé’s case, it’s because prior to his death he was a world renown assassin. His cause of death? The organization that he worked for ultimately killed Lugh and his junior because Lugh was too valuable to the organization to let walk into retirement free.

Being reborn in this new world, he meets a goddess who only reincarnates him because of what he was, an assassin. Someone she needs if the goddess is to accomplish her goal of killing the hero, after the hero slays the demon king (of course). To me, all this is interesting enough to give the anime a good look.

Obviously with Isekai there is always an element of a harem developing which I will admit, there is a possibility of that happening. Early signs do indicate that this may end up being the case because Tarte has already devoted herself forever to Lugh (for saving her of course). If Ansatsu Kizoku does end up being an anime that does develop a harem for Lugh, hopefully it doesn’t become too excessive or ends up taking up the majority of the episodes.

A concern I do have is that now that we’re three episodes in, we haven’t really seen much. For the most part, we’ve been confined to that Tuatha Dé estate and land owned by the family. Each episode has been spent building up the character Lugh while also making sure that becomes powerful enough to take on the missions he’ll soon be encountering. Which is all well and good, but when you factor in the major time skips that have already taken place. The emptiness (I guess is the right word) of each episode because we’ve been confined to one general location is a slight concern.

I believe that if you’re going to incorporate time jumps in an anime or an episode or two. I definitely think that there should be something else in that episode that indicates that we have moved forward in time except for the main character saying “I am now 15 years old”. You know what I mean? Like there should be an event or a scene that is different and would indicate that time has jumped.

You cannot tell that time has jumped if the scene you’re in is the same one each episode. For example, SAO (the first season) had plenty of time jumps, but you would know that we’ve moved forward in time because it would display a different month, day and year. For each advancement but would also show a scene different from the previous time jump.

That’s what I expected but was something I did not get.

Hopefully in the coming episodes, we experience something different. Maybe we’ll see Lugh finally go on his mission of assassinating the Hero or something that would require him to use his abilities. I think that is what’s needed at this point in time.