SAO: Alicization – WoU Part 2 | A fight worth watching.

SAO: Alicization – WoU Part 2 has been an anime with many ups and downs. I was beginning to lose all hope because there wasn’t really anything interesting me during these latter episodes. Like, let’s be real, everyone gave up fighting and just started hoping that Kirito will wake up and save them all.

Which by the end of episode eight, was something he ended up doing. He saved everyone in this virtual world at a cost of his own as he’s now stuck in the Underworld with Asuna, where they’ll both have to simulate 200 years in-game. This of course, is something Asuna and Kirito are familiar with because they’ve already had to live their lives in-game in Aincrad. Only difference is, they’ll be living 200 years in ten minutes. Or something of that sort.

I’ll be honest, the past few episode have definitely been confusing. Everything with that Laughing Coffin guy, and Gabe. They both had different objectives at the end of the day and they both fell victim to Kirito and his overpoweredness. One turns into a massive tree, stuck within the Underworld forever. While Gabe’s death was a little more puzzling to me. Like I am not sure how he actually died. Maybe it was like a neuralink overload that fried his brain.

But then we watched his soul get pulled away by Alicia the flauctlight that he killed. Which was weird but also horrific. I say horrific because it was definitely something out of a horror film, having yourself pulled through the ground never to be seen again. Alicia’s face too was something only scene from nightmares. I definitely couldn’t help but feel a little spooked out by the whole thing I mean, it was pretty crazy.

Then you had Akihiko who was basically the person behind everything that is SAO. Who we all thought was dead, was live ‘alive’ through a robot. Talk about a curveball, somehow Akihiko (or a copy of him) was alive. This time it was his turn to save Kirito which he does before his robot self deactivates due to the extreme heat of the fission reactor.

Like you had all this going on for free episodes, that’s a lot of information to take in. Two different fights in-game, Kirito and Asuna having to simulate 200 years together. A copy of Akihiko coming back to save Kirito, everything that took place at the RATH complex. All that being thrown at you within three episodes.

I’ll be honest, that is something I did not like. I disliked how they packed all this information into three episodes, personally I thought it was unnecessary. I know anime do not go over the maximum episode count of thirteen. But I definitely think that you could have spread out everything a little bit more. I mean, Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld 2nd Season is only eleven episodes long. I bet you that they could have easily populated those two extra episodes with something.

Now that the “Battle of Underworld” is over it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the final three episodes. It’s just a shame that we didn’t actually get to see that much action, which was something I was expecting for the part two.