Lycoris Recoil | Episode One and Two Review

Now this is an anime I’ll find myself enjoying. There were insanely great fight scenes and the characters are very interesting. Lycoris Recoil also told us a little bit of the story behind the Lycoris and the other various factions within Japan. The ALAN Institute seems to be an organization whose goal is to disrupt peace within the country, while the Lycoris are those looking to maintain the peace.

Although, I will admit, training girls to be assassins is kind of messed up because that’s all their ever know. They live to keep the peace through the Lycoris organization. They’re brought up to follow orders and to execute them, that’s unless you go rogue like, Takina and Chisato.

What I like about this pairing is that they’re complete opposites of each other. Takina is your typical “I must follow orders”. She lives and breathes for the Lycoris. A model assassin, although she failed in one important aspect, disobeying orders to save a teammate of hers. Then we have Chisato, who is my favourite character of the anime and probably of the Summer Season. She’s flamboyant, charismatic, and spontaneous. Episodes one and two showed us just how skilled of Lycoris. Unlike her other counterparts that work for the DA, Chisato doesn’t kill because she sees the humanity in things.

Something that Takina doesn’t understand or responds well to. Takina is focused on completing the mission, even if that means killing the enemy. While Chisato is all about forgiveness and completing missions through nonlethal force. This difference in thought is something that interests me quite a bit. I mean, after all, the DA sent Takina to Chisato so that she could learn from the best.

Given that in episode two, Chisato was able to dodge assault rifle with ease and mentions how she may or may not have been responsible for the destroyed communications tower in Tokyo shows that she’s stronger and more skilled than she looks. From what’s been given to us, I think it’s safe to assume that she’s probably the best and strongest Lycoris. Why isn’t she part of the DA? Not sure, I’m sure we’ll explore that soon.

But given Chisato’s happy nature, I think she didn’t like be used as a tool to kill to preserve the peace. She probably understood that offering forgiveness and returning kindness is an even bigger and better way of preserving a peace she loves rather than killing.

Anyway, I’m excited to see what comes next. Especially because I do not think Takina really understands just how gifted or superior of a Lycoris, Chisato is. I guarantee you that Takina and only sees Chisato as someone lesser than her and doesn’t believe that she is the top-tier Lycoris that everyone has made her out to be. I’m looking forward to seeing Chisato prove her wrong.

I’m also looking forward to the moment when everyone at this café realizes that their daily patron in Mr. Yoshi is the one behind all the ALAN Institution shenanigans. Talk about the saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.

Episode one and two were great episodes.