Yofukashi no Uta | Episode One and Two

I love how retro Yofukashi no Uta feels, like the character design is really good. I found myself enjoying it quite a lot actually. I loved everything about this art style to be completely honest, Yofukashi no Uta is very colourful and that is a big positive for me.

Apart from that however, I found Yofukashi no Uta to be a little weird because in essense, Kou Yamori wants to become a vampire and the only way to do that is if he falls in loves with one. That vampire in question is Nazuna Nanakusa who has already taken a liking towards Tamori because his blood tastes good. I’ll be honest, to me that doesn’t sound like there’s much to it. A person wanting to become a vampire, a vampire who likes sucking blood. A perfect combination, but also an easy out in my opinion.

Kou Yamori is a weird character because he doesn’t understand the concept of ‘love’ nor do we really know why he wants to become a vampire. But then again, he’s someone who dropped out of middle school so I don’t think he would know anything about the concept of ‘love’. I also view his wish to become a vampire just him wanting to be something other than normal. His affinity for Nazuna Nanakusa has proven to be interesting because if you look at it objectively, the dude is bascially stalking her because he wants Nazuna Nanakusa to turn him into a vampire.

This dynamic will be interesting to watch for sure because I assume it’ll be one where our characters know no limits when it comes to personal boundaries. I mean its a vampire-human relationship, it is to be expected. With these types of anime, the story itself is pretty self-explanatory, eventually we’ll get to a point where the feeling amongst our two characters becomes mutual, it’ll then just be a matter of when. But let’s be real, predictable anime are ones that I find least enjoyable.

So I expect there to be something else, maybe with the supporting cast or someone/something else that will add spice to the anime. Maybe vampire hunters or something, anything that’ll throw curveballs at this anime would be something I’d like to see.

Hopefully in the coming episodes, it’ll add that spice I would like to see.