Ansatsu Kizoku | Finally the first assassination.

I’ll be honest this first assassination made by Lugh took a little too long. I think the fact that it took so long was one of Ansatsu Kizoku’s biggest failings. It’s that until episode nine nothing eventful actually happens and that is frustrating.

The emptiness of each episode is only one of many issues I have with the anime as a whole, so consider this blog post today as a little rant.

To understand the true scope of the emptiness, you’d have to binge episodes. Which is what I did. Since I had left Ansatsu Kizoku on the backburner I thought it was best that take big steps to finish the anime. Over the past couple of episodes, I watch nothing but Lugh discuss the business that he had created. For me, I never really understood that because I do not get how this had anything to do with building up your skills to ultimately take down the Hero.

Like Lugh, knows he only has a few years left before he’s finally called upon to kill the Hero. However, I believe he hasn’t done anything to build up his strength nor his abilities. For example, at the beginning of the episode, we see Lugh learning all about his abilities and learning new spells and things of that nature. I thought to myself “Alright cool, a gradual build up”, however, after that we don’t see anything else. Why bring Lugh into a world where he has the ability to learn spells but only show him practicing such in the first couple of episodes?

If Lugh has all these abilities, then why isn’t he practicing or getting stronger?

Maybe you could say it’s about him building a network of connections through his business. If that’s truly the case, then I accept that. However, it certainly doesn’t feel like it. The only time when his business was actually helpful was when Lugh was able to get into Count Azba Venkaur’s castle. The day of the assassination, but the problem is you cannot tell me I spent ‘x’ number of episodes watching Lugh build up his moisturizer business just to assassinate one person. That seems like a whole lot of effort for one assassination.

Furthermore, what confuses me even more is that Lugh confesses his love for Dia, a character we haven’t seen in ages. Announcing to his father, Lugh’s intention to marry her. Like where did that come from? Why was there a sudden confession that didn’t make sense whatsoever? I fail to understand. I’m sure that Lugh’s love for Dia will play a role in the final few episodes, it just frustrates me that it was something that was decided out of the blue.

Much to say, Ansatsu Kizoku is turning out to be an anime that I haven’t enjoyed all too much.