Tsurekano | Episodes Two and Three: Weirdly entertaining.

Maybe I’m the outlier here but weirdly enough, I found episodes two and three of Tsurekano to be pretty entertaining. I don’t know why that’s the case for me, but I guess the reason why I found episodes two and three to be rather amusing is because Yume and Mizuto they still have feelings for each other, but they’re also trying to be siblings and forget their past.

So whenever they have squabbles, not only does it feel like a sibling argument at times but also that of a high school couple at the same time. In large part because whenever these two argue it’s always over the most trivial of things. Like these arguments feel very playful at best, almost as if they’re teasing each other.

Episodes three and four saw more of our supporting cast in, Kogure Kawanami and Akatsuki Minami. Who I will admit are pretty basic but they add a little bit of spice so that’s okay. We have Akatsuki Minami who is already obsessed with Yume, but I also think knows that Yume and Mizuto were a couple at one point. She’s asking all the right questions and Mizuto and Yume are giving her all the right reactions and non answers. Kogure Kawanami reminds me if that supporting cast member from Komi-san, who thinks he’s the main character but really isn’t. His desire to be Mizuto’s friend was interesting to say the least because it was pushed on him without Mizuto getting any say.

Looking back on these two episodes, I think that Mizuto has carried the majority both episodes. The reason why I think this is because he’s the one making all the subtle moves that I would consider as “non sibling-like”. Mizuto is unintentionally acting like a chad. He’s doing everything to win a person’s heart unintentionally (well I think anyway), or it could actually be that he’s a genuine guy and this is how he normally acts.

It then makes you wonder why they (Mizuto and Yume) broke up in the first place. I understand that it was due to their personalities growing apart, which is valid and understandable. But it’s weird because they act like they dislike each other or as if there is bad blood between them but it’s quite the opposite and that is what confuses me. It’s one of those instances where you’re holding a sunflower and you pull off each petal saying “They love me, they love me not” until you pluck every petal off with the last petal being pulled off on “They love me” or “They love me not”. That’s what I think of whenever I see these two interact and it’s very interesting to be honest.