Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru | Episode Two

Doesn’t the sports festival usually occur towards the latter stages of the anime? You know, like during episodes seven or eight. Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru is an anime already trying to be different and I’ll hand it to them.

Episode two in particular gave off Tsurezure Children vibes because of how the episode was split up.

During the first half of the episode we had Ayumu and Urushi participating in the sports festival. Then during the second half of the episode, it was all about Takeru Kakuryuu and Sakurako Mikage who I think are a better dynamic right now because when they get flustered by each other’s comments it’s very much visible. Personally, I love that, it’s corny for sure but it’s also cute at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong, Ayumu and Urushi are a great dynamic also, but there’s is more predictable (to me). I love that they are straightforward with each other. However, I’m coming from a Spring Season that had Love is War. So the act of saying things or doing things to make the other person confess. Or saying things that are intentional or unintentional towards your love interest in the hopes of triggering the desired reaction has already been sad and exhausted by Love is War.

Although I am only two episodes in and we still have plenty more episodes to go, while I do enjoy the dynamic betweem Ayumu and Urushi. Right now, it’s just one of those things where I feel like I’ve experienced it before.

Which is why I enjoyed Takeru Kakuryuu and Sakurako Mikage that little bit more because it felt more so like a fantasy high school romance. It’s a dynamic you’d see out of Tsurezure Children, Maid-sama or any other anime that falls within that scope. It’s something we’d all like to have or experience but cannot because it’s something out of a fantasy.

I can definitely see Takeru Kakuryuu and Sakurako Mikage being more involved in the episodes, because there’s something there and I enjoy anime where the supporting cast are worth watching. I also like how episode two introduced us to Maki (Urushi’s friend), who is the ultimately wing-girl or is someone living it up in a fantasy world. No anime is complete with a character who ships the two main protagonists of the story and does everything in their power to see their ship set sail.

Overall, I’d say episode two was a fairly good episode.