Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru | Episode Three: Date?

Not only have we had the sports day episode, but now we’ve also had the school festival episode. Wowie, it looks like Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru isn’t leaving them (like many other anime) towards the end of the anime. Big up on them, for sure.

In a weird way, I guess you can say that Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru is like a weird, simplified version of Love is War. The reason why I say this is because both Urushi and Ayumu know they have feelings for one another. They say all the right things for each other, but they would prefer it if the other person made the first move. However, while it took Kaguya and Shirogane-kun three seasons to even go on a date, it took Urushi and Ayumu three episodes.

That being said, however, for the most part anyway, I thought episode three was your average school festival episode. Whenever you see one in a SoL, you already know what to expect. You can expect the main characters hanging out together and experiencing the festival together, all while their feelings for one another grow. As a result the main characters come out of the festival episode having a better understanding of each other.

All of which is what happened in episode three.

Could the episode itself have been a little more eventful? Probably. Having seen so many festival scenes now, I believe that the concept itself has much to be desired. When each school festival scene is designed in a manner that is cause for the same outcome each and every time, they do grow boring for sure. I’ve mentioned this countless times in various other blogs so I won’t rabble on too much.

Something I would have liked to see was more of our supporting case. In particular, I would have loved to see more of Takeru and Sakurako because I think there is something there worth exploring. I love their interactions together because it feels more like a fantasy romance to me, which is something I enjoy. I just think that at this moment in time, three episodes in, that Urushi and Ayumu have already shown and given all that’s available and it leaves me wanting more.

In the episodes to come, I would like to see more of our supporting cast. I want to see them play a bigger more prominent role, let’s see if that hapens.