Yofukashi no Uta | Episode Three: Confusion.

Much to say, episode three of Yofukashi no Uta was a very confusing one. I say confusing because we now have one other individual who knows that ko-kun is hanging out at night with a vampire, Nazuna-chan. The person in question being Akira.

The reason why I thought the episode itself was one of confusion because Akira asks a very valid point “Why?”. Why has Ko-kun taken the path that he has chosen? If we want to be more specific and you know what? That’s a very valid question. As this is something I’ve found myself wondering too.

Why did Ko-kun decide that he wanted to be a vampire, what really is the reason behind it all? Is it because he wants Nazuna-chan to accept him as a lover of sorts? Or is there something else to it? Episode three didn’t really do well to answer these questions because while I was wondering why Ko-kun has chosen this route. Akira was wondering, Nazuna-chan and even Ko-kun was questioning everything.

It seemed as though no one really knew why and much of the episode was dedicated to helping them figure out the “why”. Even after watching the episode I’m still very much confused on why ko-kun decided to befriend a vampire and chose the path of becoming one himself.

To be completely, episode three was more or less an episode of a teen trying to find his identity. Which has been extremely frustrating to me for some reason. Maybe it’s because of how clueless and indecisive Ko-kun has been this episode. But there definitely is something that I do not like about him for whatever reason. I guess Ko-kun wants to ‘fit in’ by becoming a vampire but if you’re looking for some sort of acceptance as a result, or that you’ll find your true self becoming a vampire. I doubt that Ko-kun will find any satisfaction in that.

It is because of this that I didn’t find episode three of Yofukashi no Uta all that interesting, as previously mentioned, I felt more frustration that I did anything else. Ko-kun hasn’t been a character I’ve enjoyed all too much, I think the same can be said for the other characters, most prominently Nazuna-chan. The more I watch, think and write about Yofukashi no Uta the more it reminds me Nagatoro-san. Which happens to be an anime I didn’t enjoy all too much. Hopefully the latter episodes present something different.