Lycoris Recoil | Episodes Four and Five

I’ve figured out why I like Lycoris Recoil so much, it’s because it’s an original from A-1 Pictures. It’s not everyday you see something labelled as an ‘original work’. More often than not, especially in today’s world, everything is an adaptation of something.

But anyway, allow me to share my thoughts on episodes four and five of Lycoris Recoil.

Personally I enjoyed both episodes and for very different reasons. Episode four was a very playful episode, it was the ‘Girl’s day’ episode. The more I watched the episode the more I enjoyed Chistato’s presence because it’s so energetic, so infectious that it makes you happy. I love the fact that she’s ‘forcing’ Takina on all these adventures, subjecting her to new things, new surroundings and things of that nature. Chisato in a way, is educating Takina on how to act as a teen in today’s world and I’m all for that.

Episode five, however, was different in that it presented a surprise. The mission Takina and Chisato were supposed to go on (sightseeing with an elder man, who is being targeted by someone) turns out to be a dummy. A mission made up in order to force Chisato’s hand into killing someone, which as we know is something she doesn’t want to do. This begs the question, why? I mean it makes sense as Chisato is the focal point of the anime (well it seems like it anyway), so it’s only natural that everything would gravitate towards her.

However, why go through all the effort into getting Chisato to act out of revenge rather than ethically? Again, I think this is all linked to ALAN and Mr. Yoshi, which is something that is hinted. You can tell that all this is a plan to unlock Chisato’s hidden abilities, which can only be unlocked when she’s angry. Which is something Chisato herself mentioned. Personally, I find it pretty annoying that they’ve made everything a little too obvious but it is what it is.

If my theory is true and Mr. Yoshi is behind it all, then why would he go through the effort of saving Chisato giving her an artificial heart. Chisato wants to meet the person who saved her so she could give thanks. However, the person who did that for her wants Chisato to kill. Seems pretty backwards to me, I also find it pretty annoying that all of this is happening right below everyone’s nose.

Then you factor in the green haired dude, that they were chasing at the start of the anime. Someone who literally ran over and killed a Lycoris as if it was nothing. There’s a lot of spice that is about to be handed to us, hopefully it doesn’t disappoint.