Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru | Episode Four and five: Confession?

Would you look at that, Ayumu has finally beaten Urushi. Albeit, Urushi had given herself a handicap. But nonetheless, Ayumu had finally beaten Urushi in a shogi match. Which means that Ayumu finally gets to ask Urushi out right? No, no, no. It’s not that easy. Here are my thoughts on episodes four and five of Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru.

In a weird way, I’m starting to find Ayumu’s kind of annoying. While it’s nice to see a character that is straightforward and such, there are times when it’s a little too much. In that regard, episode four wasn’t as bad as episode five. To me, episode five was the troublesome episode, simply because I felt like Ayumu was being a little too intrusive.

I get that Ayumu likes Urushi and wants to know everything about and things like that. However, how he went about it almost felt like he was stalking her. I’ll be honest it, episode five was a very cringe episode. Not only was episode five cringe, but it also felt a forced and I think that is a large contributor to my displeasure of the episode and I think is directly linked to Ayumu being a little too intrusive.

Since Ayumu was intrusive, with wanting to know everything about Urushi. A lot of their interactions felt forced, nothing about it felt natural at all. Much of their conversations came as a result of Ayumu sticking his nose into Urushi’s life causing her to become embarrassed. You can tell that the anime itself is gearing up for an eventual confession, whenever that may be, however, I just don’t like how it’s gone about it as of late. Nothing about it has felt gradual which I think is the most important thing.

I’ll always preach about there needing to be a gradual build up. Without one, then any relationship that shows itself in any anime will feel forced and unnatural. Should Urushi and Ayumu get into a relationship with one another, I think it’ll turn out being one of those relationships that feels forced and unnatural. Which is something you don’t want. Hopefully in the coming episodes, Ayumu as a character tones himself down or else this is going to be one not so good looking relationship.