Lycoris Recoil | Episode Six: Chisato, the number one target.

Episode six was something interesting because Chisato, the ‘ace’ Lycoris is now this guy’s number one target. Their first encounter was intense but also very interesting in a lot of ways. Here I was thinking that Chisato was like this superhuman — almost untouchable. However, here comes Majima, who can not only disarm Chisato but also cause her to bleed. It looks as though Chisato may have an enemy that is too powerful even for her.

What I thought was interesting about episode six is that all these people are now trying to get at Chisato. Maybe it has something to do with how skilled she is or maybe there’s something way deeper, something a lot more hidden that we still have yet to find out about her.

I mean, let’s be real here. Everyone and their mother knows that Mr. Yoshi is the one pulling all the strings behind the scenes. But why? We understand that he believes that Chisato is blessed with a god-like ability to kill and he wants to tap into that. But why? It’s also implied that he’s giving directions to Robota who in turn is relaying that information to Majima. Why? Maybe it’s because he’s trying his best to unlock something deep inside Chisato, something that could potentially turn her into a serious superweapon.

It could be one of those things where if you push Chisato to the limit then she’ll do something that is unnatural of her. Chisato is someone who believes in not killing, however if you push her to her limit, maybe she will. But I don’t understand why you’d want to push her to do something like that, unless there’s something deep inside of Chisato that you’re trying to unlock.

Maybe in the coming episodes we’ll learn what this is, I mean that’s the next course of action I would think. We still haven’t learned why Chisato has an artificial heart either so I think that has something to do with the wider story. But I could be wrong. If you think about it, an artificial heart shouldn’t have anything to do with forcing someone into the act of killing. Unless that heart is a gate to something much bigger and darker and can only be accessed when they’re (Chisato) is pushed to their limit.

Now that Chisato is everyone’s number one target. I’ll be interesting to see what everyone, including the DA does in order to keep Chisato safe. You already know that Chisato will not agree to being protected because she’s someone who believes she can handle anyone on her own. But with everyone and their mother coming for her, for whatever reason maybe it’ll be something she’ll have to accept.

Now then, with all that out of the way. Let’s talk about the fact that Majima survived a point blank explosion. The most unrealistic thing I’ve seen in a long time, the dude survives an explosion caused by a missile hitting his car. Which launches him into the air and into the river. You would think that he’d be dead, but nope. Majima must be superman or something because he was able to walk away unscathed. I get it, Majima is important to the story, but come on, atleast make it a little more realistic. If this happened in any other anime, that character would have been dead.

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  1. Majima survived because that’s what the plot required. In reality, he’d be cripsy critters in many small pieces. LOL! Are you asking for realism in an anime?

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