Engage Kiss | Episodes Six and Seven: Disappointing

I think I’ve seen enough of Engage Kiss. Having now finished episode six and seven, I don’t think I can stand watching another episode, but I must push forward because I leave no anime dropped. Not even, Engage Kiss.

What has bothered me most about Engage Kiss is the clear lack of direction that can be felt every episode. One minute you’re slaying demons, the next minute you’re watching a bit between Ayano and Kisara over Shuu, the next you briefly mention Shuu’s past only for the story to double back on him forgetting everything because the only way he’s able to fight demons is if his demon partner (Kisara) wipes memories from Shuu. Those memories being that of other women he has been with or partnered with in the past.

Engage Kiss for sure is like watching a poorly planned and executed harem. Let’s be honest here, the story itself is quite poor which is a rare for a studio like A-1 Pictures. Considering that this anime is labelled as an ‘original’, it makes it all the more disappointing.

Episode six and seven can be viewed as episode 6A and 6B as the latter episode is just a continuation of the previous episode. Episode six we’re introduced to a fighting nun Sharon, who like every girl in Engage Kiss has history with Shuu. They fought together. The next episode (episode seven) we find out that Shuu and Sharon indeed had the adult fun time, but Shuu found out that Sharon was trying to kill him, so he poisoned her through sex with his man parts.

We also find out that Sharon’s main goal is to exterminate all demons and as Kisara is a demon she goes after Kisara. Only to be bested by Kisara because…. you guessed it, because she was able to take another memory from Shuu (through a kiss), therefore allowing Kisara to gain her full powers.

To me this cycle of repetition has gotten very boring and doesn’t feel unique in the slightest. We aren’t really seeing the demon slaying I thought we’d see (see what I did there? I thought it was clever). Instead, we’re subject to a budget harem. Disappointing. What bothers me most is that Shuu is going through all this effort to get revenge on whatever killed his family but I doubt that he can remember this now has he’s already lost so many memories. Instead we’re having to deal with all these people who Shuu has effectively taken advantage of in his quest for revenge only to forget what his primary goal is, revenage.

Overall, episodes six and seven just add to the mountain of problems I see with Engage Kiss.



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