Lycoris Recoil | Episode Seven: So what you’re saying is Chisato is an ALAN child?

Episode seven offered a lot more valuable information, now we know that bother Chisato and Majima were graduates of the ALAN Institute. Clearly however, their respective missions are different from one another as Chisato has been preforming good deeds while Majima has done the complete opposite.

Much to say episode seven of Lycoris Recoil was interesting.

It also seems as though these two (Chisato and Majima) have crossed paths before. If we were to use Majima’s flashback as a point of reference then the two of them have definitely crossed paths before. From what is implied, they crossed paths during the communications tower incident, we know now they both played a part in. With a younger version of Chisato killing an army of terrorists, supposedly.

Which I do not think is too farfetched because Mr. Yoshi always comments saying that Chisato is gifted with the ability to kill. So it could very well be that the communications tower incident was one of the very few displays where an uncontrolled Chisato went about her ‘mission’ as assigned to her by the ALAN Institute. This also can explain Mr. Yoshi doing everything in his power to indirectly provoke Chisato into activating that 6th sense once again. By having her go up against Majima.

Personally, I would love to see another confrontation between Chisato and Majima because it would be pretty epic. I also would love to see Chisato enter that killer mode even though I highly doubt that this will be something that we’ll see. I think it’ll be one of those instances where Chisato is brought to the brink and is about to enter this darker phase only to be stopped by Takina.

I’m sure it’ll be one of those things where the power of friendship overcomes all. Which is something I don’t mind given how good this anime has been. All I know is that for the ending I am expecting something big and wild. Hopefully that’ll happen.

Oh, and let us not forget, I assume that we’re operating under the assumption that no one, if not, a very select few know what the ALAN Institute is all about. So then it’s a matter of when the true intentions of the ALAN Institute get exposed to the greater public.

More importantly, what’ll happen to Mr. Yoshi // what will he have to do in order to save face and protect the Institute he runs. What will happen when Chisato finds out that Mr. Yoshi is the one causing all these problems as of late. So many questions, so many things to do get through in so little time.