Engage Kiss | We’re getting closer.

I thought that Engage Kiss was going to have a lackluster ending. However, it turns out that we’re finally starting to get somewhere. This of course, was something I never thought I’d see because of how slow this anime has been getting to what they say was the main premise. Going on these little side quests with all these different people Shuu has ‘partnerships’ in the past with was not something I really enjoyed, as a matter of fact, I thought it painted Shuu more as someone who got other people to do work for him simply because he was lazy.

I still think he’s lazy and I still think that he’s using others to enact his revenge simply because he cannot or wants to fast track it, but nonetheless, episodes eight and nine did something. It finally signaled that we’re getting closer and that we’re getting somewhere.

Now then, let’s get started on some little speculation, rather, what is implied.

So is Sayuri not Shuu’s birth mother or something? Given the fact that Sayuri had that crazy person look when she mentioned how Kanna was the child of a demon and human, I guess ‘Sayuri’ is the adoptive mother. But then that begs the question who is Shuu’s real mother. I doubt that’ll ever be answered but hey, it’s just a thought.

What I enjoyed about the latest episode in particular was that was we got to finally see some backstory. We got to see history of the characters, which made the episode itself and Miles death something bittersweet.

It’s sad how Shuu asked Kisara to take away all his memories of Miles, that felt impulsive as he was acting upon the emotional betrayal but he still had years with Miles. I don’t believe he is going to be okay with having someone who he was emotionally connected with and saw as an adoptive father pulled from his memories forever. I mean Shuu ended up crying, even though he didn’t know who Miles was or what he meant to him up until this point. So while the memories of him were taking by choice, his body remembers.

Something else that I thought was quite emotional was Miles telling Kisara to take care of him and apologizing to Shuu. He said he had no regrets but I’m sure he regrets being part of the reason why Shuu lost his family. Ultimately Miles made a bet with the devil in order to save his daughter. In turn, as previously mentioned, he will bear the white of knowing that he played a part in what became of his family.

I’m sure that eventually he’ll learn the story of what really happened to his family. It’s just a matter of whether or not Kisara will tell him, which I think she will; IF she is backed into a corner and cannot escape. One thing that has always bothered me was Kisara, like I do not quite get her. She has pulled ever good memory from Shuu most of it intentionally because of whatever reason. Kisara’s obsession with being Shuu ‘last girl’ has always been a point of contention because none of that has really made any sense.

Not to mention, what Sharon told Shuu while she was in prison struck a nerve with him too. She knows very well what Kisara is doing, but Shuu doesn’t want to accept it because he believes that Kisara is doing it all to help him. Could it be that, there’s a darker motive to Kisara’s actions, one that she’s trying very hard to conceal? Maybe, only time will tell.