Lycoris Recoil | Not even death scares Chisato.

Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m just skipping over scenes or erasing some from my memory. But, I do not believe I’ve ever seen a time when Chisato frowned or has wondered aimlessly. Every scene (apart from her going beast mode as a child) has always been her smiling. Chisato has always carried on being her usual vibrant, happy and caring self. Even when she knows that death will soon be knocking on her door. Not even death scares Chisato and for me that’s bittersweet.

As is with most things, when you know that you’re going to pass on. There are two choices, either be sad about it and live a life full of regret or live the most fulfilling life possible. The latter is what we all know Chisato chose. She doesn’t take each day for granted, she’s always smiling and joyous. Chisato wanted to live a life that was one of fulfillment, making other people’s lives that little bit better through the cafe. Instead of being a prisoner of the DA.

These last few episodes have done a wonderful job at setting up what could potentially be one explosive end. Which is something I am really looking forward to doing. Every character seems as though they have nothing to lose and are willing to put everything on the line to achieve an outcome that most favors them; and you know what? I dig that for sure.

That all of nothing mentality is something I really like, especially with regards to anime because only good can really come of it. I mean, we have a friendship that Takina wants to protect, Chisato wants to do good. Majima is turning out to be a pretty epic antagonist and we have Mika who is now about to embark on a redemption tour. One that could potentially result in him losing his own life if it means protecting Chisato, all while also making up for his own shortcomings.

While we everyone has clear motives, the one person I still do not understand is Kusunoki, the Commissioner of the DA. Why is this person trying so hard to not rely on Chisato? This person seems to resent Chisato. It’s probably because the commissioner is viewed as someone who can only get anywhere or get anything done only when Chisato is involved. Maybe she seems as though her reputation is directly tired to Chisato, so maybe Kusunoki is frustrated with that. However, she also feels like a control freak who is hiding by the DA’s mission to “preserve peace”, I mean she’s directly responsible for turning orphaned girls into trained assassins. She’s a very mysterious character indeed, and seems very shady for someone who is supposed to be doing a lot of good.

I wonder if there’s more to this character than meets the eye. I also wonder if we’ll find out more about Kusunoki in the final episodes of the anime. After all, her reputation and credibility as a leader is now directly linked to Chisato taking down Majima once and for all.