Tsurekano | the Jealousy Simulator

I’ll be honest, Tsurekano or Mamahaha no Tsurego ga Motokano datta has been very hard to watch as of late. In a way, I’m sort of happy that this anime is coming to an end because I do not think there is much more left with regards to the ‘story’ in general.

To me, I thought the last few episodes were a very poor attempt at trying to establish a connection between our two step-siblings. How does the anime go about doing this? Flashbacks to just a couple of years ago, when they were a couple. Let’s be real here, none of it was actually entertaining nor did it provide something more overall.

Looking back at all the flashbacks we’ve seen throughout this anime. For the most part, it has always been told through the eyes of Yume. Which to me indicates that she’s the one regretting the fact that they had broken up, or feels some sort of guilt for the atmosphere that surrounds the two of them now.

I maybe a little bias here, but I think Yume has been the one as of late who has been pushing, rather has been the one on the offensive. Constantly questioning the motives or actions of Mizuto and or Higashira. Yume’s unwillingness to accept that she cannot have that type of relationship with Mizuto has probably been the most frustrating aspect of the last few episodes.

As we get closer to the end of the anime, Yume’s unhappiness surrounding her own situation has only gotten more obsessive. I wouldn’t be surprised if there comes to a point where Yume confesses her feelings once again to Mizuto only to be shot down. This isn’t KissXsis here, I doubt it’ll be that extreme.

Personally I think the ending will be something logical. In order to move on and more importantly move forward, you (Yume) has to realize that those feelings are still there and express them with Mizuto. While also acknowledging that it won’t ever go any further or result in anything more given their current circumstance. While painful, you have to acknowledge what is and what was before you can move on.

Which I think will ultimately happen. Let’s see if I’m proven wrong.