Lycoris Recoil | A lot to process.

I will be the first to admit that I haven’t keeping up with anything anime related as of late. Real life is hard work and I just fell behind, however, whenever I do get a break I always escape to what helps me relax. Watching anime, today I decided to get caught up to date with Lycoris Recoil before the anime comes to an end, and I’ll be honest, there is a lot of information to process.

What comes as a shock to me is that there is a male version of the Lycoris. Which is something you’d definitely come to expect but for some reason, I thought that wasn’t a thing. So when the Lilybells were sent in to kill the Lycoris I was like “What the heck?”. Two government agencies put against each other because one (the Lycoris) was unable to keep their operations secret. But I think that goes back to the Commissioner of the DA because let’s be honest, she’s a very poor leader. The fact that she had no control over the situation whatsoever and the actual like shadow government (is what I guess you’d call them) had to step in. Shows just how incompetent of a leader the DA Commissioner is.

Anyway, I thought the action scenes as a whole were epic because not only were the animations epic but they were also very fluid and seamless. Which is something I appreciate. It’s nice to see that whatever the fight was, it was well done and most importantly action packed. Which is something that has always bothered me about other anime, whenever they would have actions scenes, we’d spend more time watching the two characters talk rather than fight. To me that defeated the whole purpose, so it’s nice that Lycoris Recoil had more action than talk.

As everyone else, the action sequence between Chisato and Majima was masterful. Two individuals who are exceptional at what they do going against one another. Both of whom are equally matched, but civil in their own way. They only want to duke it out with one another and do not really care about anyone else. I especially loved that at the end of episode twelve, while Majima shot up the elevator where Chisato, Takina and others were in. Harukawa blocking all the bullets led to her indirectly blocking entry way to the elevator forcing everyone in the elevator to continue their path to the bottom. Leaving the perfect stage for a final Chisato verse Majima fight.

Also, I will quickly comment on Mr. Yoshi, who I think is the proper antagonist. Majima to me, has always felt like the Joker. The anti-hero. While Mr. Yoshi overall just feels like a really scummy person who runs operates a very shady institution. I mean, let’s be real here, Mr. Yoshi through the ALAN Institute saves these people but alters them in a way that makes them excel in one aspect of life. Then they’re allowed to roam free as “ALAN graduates”, where they must fulfill a singularly mission set out by the Institute.

Talk about indirectly influencing an outcome that would ‘favour humanity’ by the will of the elite who operate the ALAN Institute.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to seeing how the final episode turns out, I bet it’ll be something epic.