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Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru | Episodes 8 and 9: I’ve seen it all before.

As I am someone who is well versed in the School, Romance and Comedy, genres. I can say as a matter of fact, that I’ve seen this all before. Episodes eight and nine of Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru didn’t really present anything new. Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru is slowly turning out to be one of those ‘middle of the pack’ or rather one that finds itself closer to the bottom than in the middle. Allow me to share my thoughts.

There’s a problem when you find the supporting cast more interesting than the main characters. I believe that they should be complimentary and support the main characters. Not overshadow them. Personally, I believe that Rin, Sakurako and Takeru are far more interesting characters than Urushi and Ayumu in large part because they offer a wider range of emotions. They offer something the main characters cannot provide for whatever reason.

Let’s be honest, Urushi and Ayumu are as vanilla as it gets, they are pretty basic characters. There is only so far you can push and use them until the feeling of “okay, same old, same old” starts to creep up. For episode nine in particular, it definitely was one of those instances where it was an episode that was more oriented towards the supporting cast. Which is something I do not mind, after all, I find them more interesting than Urushi and Ayumu.

But I cannot hate on episode nine too much because while it was an episode for the supporting cast, it was an episode revolving around friendship and having a good time with those you consider friends. So in that regard, I cannot complain. I also cannot hate on episode eight too, too much because it was an episode where both Urushi and Ayumu reminisced on how far they’ve come not only as a friendship but as a Shogi club. They are no longer a group of two, but they’re a group of about five people. That’s quite the accomplishment.

Granted, none of this is because of shogi, but nonetheless if it’s something that keeps the club up and active then there ain’t no harm in that.

I have an idea as to how this anime will end up finishing. As they title suggests once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Do I expect a spectacular ending? No, but I certainly expect something better than what I’ve seen so far. That is for sure.

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