Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru | Let’s call it a day.

Let’s call it a day. I’ll be honest, I am done with Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru because I know what’ll happen and nothing about it will excite me. I’ve seen everything I’ve needed to see. When it’s all said and done, I think Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru will turn out being one of those anime that find themselves on the lower half of the anime spectrum. Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru as a whole wasn’t all that great.

When middle school kendo champion Ayumu Tanaka begins his first year in high school, he does not take the expected route of joining the Kendo Club; he signs up for the unofficial Shogi Club instead. His sole motive is falling in love at first sight with Urushi Yaotome—the club’s president and only member—and will do anything to get closer to her. However, Ayumu decides not to confess to Urushi until he can beat her in a match of shogi fair and square.

Naturally, this self-imposed hurdle is a formidable challenge for Ayumu to overcome, as Urushi is far more experienced at the game and sees through his every strategy. Nevertheless, this does not stop him from praising her looks, her skill, or even her smile, which, coupled with Ayumu’s expressionless face and direct approach, makes Urushi constantly blush beet red. Learning more about shogi and the charming player sitting across from him, Ayumu inches toward making his confession with each exciting round they play together—even if it is one pawn at a time!

The biggest problem for me was that the characters were not interesting enough. Ayumu and Urushi who are the main characters, are not exciting nor do I think they’re unique in any way. Let’s be real, as I’ve suggested once before, once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. This is certainly the case with our characters and of course, the anime.

The aspect of shogi was just there as a means to connect the two, other than that, shogi as a whole doesn’t play a role in the anime at all. Which so happens to be something you’d expect, Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru is a school, romance and comedy anime. Going into the anime, I thought that the shogi aspect would play a more prominent role because it isn’t something you normally see. So I thought to myself “Shogi, seems interesting”.

Granted, the only experience I’ve had with shogi was 3-Gatsu no Lion. But regardless, I thought that shogi was going to be one of the highlights of the anime. Man, was I wrong. Having that expectation definitely killed the anime for me, among other things as well.

Let’s be real, the comedy was subpar. There wasn’t really anything that I would consider as ‘comedic’. Whenever I think comedy, I think of something making me smile or chuckle or something that causes me to smirk. I don’t remember anything that would have provoked such actions and I think that’s saying something.

The romance side of things was also something I didn’t really like. Whatever was going on between Urushi and Ayumu was bland and isn’t really much of a romance to me. If anything, I thought the relationship between Takeru and Sakurako was something better to look forward to. In large part because you could feel that something was there, you could tell that they had feelings for one another.

Anything where your supporting cast outshines those who are supposed to be the main characters, then you know there’s something wrong, or backwards about the anime. That’s just my opinion.

Lastly, the school side of things. Which in itself is non-existent. I’ll be honest, the only reason why I think this anime is also genred as a “school” anime is because they’re in high school uniform attire. yeah, there are other aspects as well like the shogi club and all of them being high schoolers. However, in a sense, uniforms and high school students shouldn’t be the only factors used when determining whether or not an anime should be in the ‘school’ genre.

All-in-all, Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru was a disappointment. It isn’t an anime I would recommend.



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