Spy x Family Part 2 | A questionable few episodes but fun.

The start to Spy x Family Part 2 has been questionable. The reason why I say ‘questionable’ is because they decided to dedicate three episodes to Anya’s beloved Bond, rather than making just one long episode. Which is what I would’ve done in the first place, instead of splitting it up into three episodes.

That means, we now only have ten episodes remaining and I don’t know what’ll be covered or if the remaining ten episodes will provide proper coverage for whatever the studio decided to put up for animation. The prospect of this is what disappoints me the most, but it’s okay because episodes two and three were fun and what’s what mattered.

What I enjoyed the most about both episodes was that each one was action packed and eventful. The fact that this family all share the goal of ‘world peace’ but go about them in their own way is what I’ve always found most entertaining. Episodes two and three just reinforce that for me.

A part of me wishes though that each episode was a full thirty minutes long though because I think then, you’d be able to see a lot accomplished. Something I’d like to see more of is from Yor’s side, I mean, let’s be honest. We’ve only really experienced the story from Anya and Loid’s side because those two are more directly tied to the ‘main’ story.

The main story to me is Loid’s mission.

So similar to last season or part one, of Spy x Family, Yor and her mission isn’t something we’ve gotten to see all too much about. Hopefully in the coming episodes we see more from her side because she’s an interesting character. Yor is an assassin after all, so it should be atleast interesting, so hopefully that is something we see later on in the anime.

The other part of me wants to see this family become a real thing. I mean, for the purpose of the show, all this is superficial. This family only really exists because of Loid’s grand mission. He’s made it known to us as viewers that he does intend of stepping away from this family once his mission has been completed, but I don’t want that to happen. The other part of me wants to see this fake family slowly shift into one that slowly becomes real.

You lot know I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff, a natural progression that leads to something that was fake at first turning into something that is very much genuine. That is what makes me happy and I hope in the long term something that like that happens.

Anyway, that is it from me! Time for me to disappear for a little bit while I attempt to catch up in the world of anime.