Spy x Family Part 2 | Losing sight of the mission.

Now that I am five episodes in, I think I can safely say that we’re slowly losing sight of the mission at hand. While episodes four and five of Spy x Family Part 2 were entertaining ones. I thought that each episode felt out of place, there is definitely a hint of ‘episodic-ness’ to the second season and I am very much on the fence about it.

Episode four in particular had nothing to do with the wider story. Watching Yor learn how to cook and to improve one what she’s terrible at was entertaining, however, I fail to see the connection it has with world peace. I guess you can say that to her, she assumes that if she improves her cooking skills it’ll ultimately lead to her retaining her family. Which then leads to still having the ability to keep peace through her role as an assassin. However, for me, that seems like quite the stretch to make.

While episode five does what I think a lot of people do and that is fanboy over Loid, similar to how Becky does. While also watching Anya fail once again to make any ground with the ‘second son’, the one and only Damian. Atleast you can say that whatever Anya is doing is kind of staying true to the wider mission of ‘world peace’.

However, again, you cannot help but think that Spy x Family Part 2 is slowly losing its sight on the wider mission at hand. As I’ve mentioned at the start of the blog post here, each episode is starting to feel more and more episodic and for an action anime (supposedly), I don’t know if episodic and action will blend well together. Especially when there’s little to no action to begin with.

I hope that in the coming episodes, we find ourselves back to what I thought made Spy x Family interesting in the first place. The missions that Loid must complete only to have his ‘family’ unintentionally spice things up. Seeing them all influence an outcome in their own way is what I thought was the most interesting. Whether it be Yor kicking someone so hard that they get stuck in the ceiling or going on her adventure with Bond in the first couple of episodes.

That’s what I want to get back to and I hope that’ll end up being the case in the coming episodes.



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