Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double | The Uzaki family.

Am I fairly late to the show? Yeah. Am I late with regards to anime for this season? You bet! However, that won’t stop me.

That enjoyment that I said was gone in the previous two episodes has now returned for episodes four and five. Why? It’s because Uzaki’s family is one funny family and it was entertaining to watch. Families where each individual reacts to a certain event in their own way is something that will always be funny for me.

For example, Tsuki (the mother), as we already know, thinks that Sakurai only desires her. Kiri and more importantly Fujio‘s reaction to finding out that Hana is hanging out with male senpai are both equally entertaining. It’s not everyday you see a father who is experiencing a conflict of interest in real time. Fujio doesn’t want her daughter to date, but also wants to see her happy. Which Hana is.

Overall, I’d say I didn’t expect for the Uzaki family to play such a big role in the latter stages of the anime. Here I am, having just finished episode eight (which is funny because I started writing this blog after having finishes episode four and five weeks ago); and the family’s role since episodes four has continued to grow. I will admit, what I had written previously stands true, the Uzaki family is one fun family.

The more screentime they get the more colours they show and it’s very interesting to say the least. My favourite has been Yanagi for sure. In large part due to her being almost like a wing-girl or sorts. She like many of the other characters are interested in this Hana and Sakurai relationship and would also like to play a part in it.

I also enjoy the fact that the two boys of the Uzaki family do not know who this ‘boy’ that Hana has been hanging out with despite having already encountered him (Sakurai) one way or another. I especially liked how when Hana’s father (Fujio) was talking to Sakurai about his dilemma. I enjoyed that part in particular because Fujio is venting his frustrations and concerns to the person who his daughter keeps talking about. It was a small moment, but a very entertaining one at that.

It makes you look forward to what’s to come. Obviously, I would assume that there will eventually be a confrontation between Sakurai and the Uzaki family as a whole, I mean why wouldn’t there be? I just hope that whenever comes of it turns out to be pretty funny and fairly entertaining. Which, coincidently is something I thought the second season as a whole has lacked lately.

So far, the second season has been pretty average. Which is something I half expected because that has seemed to be the trend lately. Especially with the anime I’ve choose to watch. In that respect it definitely has been a little disheartening at times. However, in times like these, it’s always good to be a little optimistic or hopeful that the best is still to come. Which is what I hope for the latter stages of Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double. I just want the end to be good and worth while, so that I can go and start reading the manga.



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