Spy x Family Part 2 | Putting aside expectations.

Sometimes, it’s best to put aside your own expectations and enjoy the anime for what it is. After a long and hard battle with myself, I’ve decided that the best course of action is to just enjoy Spy x Family Part 2 for what it is.

I don’t know when that fundamental shift occurred when I allowed my own internal expectations dappen the overall enjoyment that an anime brings. I will admit, the time away from anime has been good because it allowed me to hit that reset button — something I definitely needed to do. Also, not having to follow some type of schedule has been great.

Jumping back into Spy x Family Part 2, I thought it would be good just to binge and to kind of catch up with whatever is happening currently. I will admit, scrolling through my discovery page on Instagram and seeing all these spoilers from this anime has been fairly frustrating and definitely was a driving force in me getting back into the swing of things.

Without a doubt, these pas couple of episodes have been ones I’ve enjoyed watching. I used to be fairly upset with the fact that Spy x Family Part 2 seemed to have lose sight of the mission, Operation Strix. However, having taken a step back before jumping back into it. Personally, I now enjoy the fact that the anime itself is pretty much about the ‘adventures of Anya’.

Everyday, Anya goes on a different adventure or experiences something new, in large part due to her parents being very interesting individuals with very intriguing occupations. What I think is great is that as each episode progressed the more we saw Anya use her abilities to read peoples minds. Whereas before, it was an ability we barely saw because the first couple of episodes (including the first season) was from the perspective of Loid (for the most part anyway).

Seeing Anya interact with Yuri, was fairly entertaining. Since she’s openly (secretly) using her mind reading abilities, she can be the most intellectual person in the room but is an expert at playing dumb. Anya following Loid around wanting to take part in being a spy has always been very entertaining for me. Lastly, I personally enjoy the fact that Anya is always doing her best to accommodate Yor. It’s almost like Anya understands that Yor as a mother isn’t all that useful because she doesn’t know how to act or does something insanely over the top. For example, watching Yor bring Anya her gym attire in the way that she did was the most over the top action I’ve witnessed to date; and you know what? I loved it.

It’ll be interesting to see what part Fiona (Nightfall) plays in the overall feel of the anime. I don’t think it’ll be too significant of a role. I think Nightfall as a character will turn out to be like Yuri. There some of the time, but not all the time; enough to add a little bit of variety. Which I think is the most favourable outcome because I don’t want her messing up my YorXLoid ship. That thing is for certain.