Spy x Family Part 2 | Tennis and Friendship

Why hello, long time no see. Here I am to talk about the latter stages of Spy x Family Part 2. A continuation of what has been one of my favourite anime to watch. This time around, the topics will be of tennis and friendship.

Let’s talk about the tennis part of things, that missing Twilight and Nightfall went on was interesting to say the least. I’ll be honest I thought the end result was questionable because the intel that they were supposed to gather proved to be no threat to stability/world peace. It made me question whether or not that sequence of events was really needed.

I personally didn’t understand the purpose other than for it being an outlet for Nightfall to express her thoughts about Loid and his ‘family’ internally. I would’ve liked it if she was able to say these thoughts outloud, like Yor did later on in the episode.

Granted, Yor was drunk. But she was able to ‘express’ herself and Loid was able to understand her feelings. While this ‘family’ is only a marriage of convenience for them, I enjoy the fact that the pair have slowly been letting their guard down around each other; whether or not they know it. I think it adds a deeper meaning. They’re all happy whether or not they want to admit it, and they’re all enjoying their time together.

Loid is doing this all for his mission, but deep down I think that there’s a part of him that wants it to be real. I mean why else would he tell Yor about memories of his mother? For the mission? Sure. But I think there’s something more there to be explored. I just hope that one day, this marriage of convenience turns into something permanent. Only time will tell.

Now then, with that out of the way. Let’s talk about friendship, in particular Becky and Anya’s friendship. Which is like the best and most genuine friendship between two characters that I’ve seen in a long time. I live for this friendship, even more so now than before because they are each other’s first real friend. Despite living different lives at different standards of living. The fact that they’re able to co-exist and are able to look to each other for support is wonderful. The happiness they find in one another is so heartwarming, it makes you wish that you had a friendship like the one between Anya and Becky.

It’ll be interesting to see how Spy x Family Part 2 ends. I can only assume that it’ll end on a high. If not I think it’ll end on a cliffhanger which I’m not opposed to. All I know is that I would love to see more.



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  1. I think the painting turning out to be unimportant made an important point. So often, events in our lives feel important and urgent and even desperate but turn out to be not much of anything at all. And that is to be laughed at.

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