Spy x Family Part 2 | To be continued…

Oddly enough, I thought that the last episode was probably one of the weaker episodes in terms of real substance. I mean, we finally got to see Donovan Desmond in his full glory but the conversation and everything that had happened afterwards was very, bland. Fitting for a character who almost seems like a robot.

Episode thirteen was nothing to write home about about, so let’s talk about the anime as a whole and my closing thoughts on the Spy x Family Part 2.

If we’re talking big picture here, Spy x Family Part 2, I personally liked Part 1 a lot more because it felt fresh and because it was more mission orientated. There was more action and a little more spice and that’s something I did enjoy. Part 2 on the other hand felt a little more episodic and felt less mission driven.

I’ve mentioned this before in my previous blog before I decided to take a break. The fact that Part 2 isn’t as mission driven or action packed as Part 1 is certainly, without a doubt, disappointing. But that is just expectations coming into play. Spy x Family Part 2 is one of those anime that could have definitely been better but in the grand scheme of things, it didn’t really effect the overall enjoyment factor; which is most important.

While Part 1 was mission orientated, I thought Part 2 focused more on mutual relationships. Throughout Spy x Family Part 2 we’ve seen relationships grow, which as you all know, that’s something I love a lot.

We’ve got to see Becky and Anya’s friendship flourish before our eyes which was something I without a doubt enjoyed watching. Considering that they are each other’s first real friends, watching their relationship flourish during episode twelve was simply heartwarming. Watching them get closer and closer together as each episode went on reminded me just how important it is to have that one friend.

Similarly to Part 1, Spy x Family Part 2 was once again Anya focused. With many of the comedic scenes coming from her and her alone. Which is something I didn’t mind because I love the character, whoever, it makes you wonder how would the anime have turned out if they eliminated Anya from the equation. My guess would be that Spy x Family Part 2 be 100% be a lesser anime because it wasn’t as mission orientated at Part 1 so I think it would’ve been a very weak anime.

Maybe in the second season, whenever it airs, we’ll see less of a reliance on Anya now that we’ve made contact with Loid’s primary target Donovan Desmond. I doubt it though.

Not to mention, I feel like we’ve seen less of Yor altogether and it was pretty disappointing seeing her being relegated to a supporting cast role. Personally, I would have loved to see more of her and how own mission is impacting everything as it stands. As we know Yor and Loid desire the same thing, which is peace, however, they work entirely different occupations. Not only that, but their occupations put them at odds with one another.

I wonder if we’ll ever see them go against one another from an occupational standpoint like, from what I can tell they are getting closer and closer. That invisible guard they’ve put up against each other is slowly starting to come down whether or not they want it to happen.

The best example of this was when Loid was knocked out by a drunken Yor. That scene in particular was fairly interesting because the only time when he’s only felt at peace was back when he was a child being comforted by his mother. He experienced the same sensation while resting on Yor’s lap.

Obviously he wouldn’t have known since he was knocked out by her, but I think it shows that he’s becoming more and more comfortable with Yor. I mean, let’s be real, Part 1 Loid wouldn’t have been knocked out, but somehow it happened during Part 2. So I think that’s saying something.

Not to mention, Yor is unconsciously getting more and more invested in his family of convenience. Whether or not she wants to admit or acknowledge that is a whole other thing. However, the fact that she wants to become a more suitable mother and that she gets extremely jealous whenever Nightfall is seen with Loid. These are all signs that Yor is starting to view everything that has happened to her, all the happiness and such, as more than just a mission. Which is something I do not mind seeing, if it’ll get her more screen time that is.

Overall, I’d say the fact that we’ve even attached a “Part 2” in the first place is pretty lame. I would have preferred it better if Part 2 was included in the original series to begin with because it kind of throws everything off from a chronological order. Not to mention, Part 2 is definitely the weaker one out of the two, which is also a negative. The episodic-ness and the lack of action or anything really mission based was also disheartening; and I’ve already mentioned Yor’s overall lack of involvement which is a real shame.

Despite all that, I think the purpose of Spy x Family Part 2 was to forge the relationships that have already been made. In that respect, Spy x Family Part 2 was good in that regard.

Definitely, Spy x Family Part 2 will probably be the weakest anime of the series. But I think that’s a good thing because maybe the real second season will prove to be something that is 100% better than the first season. Only time will tell.