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Koori Zokusei Danshi to Cool na Douryou Joshi | Another manga I’ve read.

Now I’ll be honest, as I an also reading (although currently on hold) the manga. I’m surprised that Koori Zokusei Danshi to Cool na Douryou Joshi was slated for an adaptation. The fact that it is indeed getting one is a pleasant surprise for sure and I wonder how it’ll turn out. I think the anime will turn out to be quite good because one thing I think the manga lacks is emotion. Don’t get me wrong, the manga isn’t bad nor is the story bad by any stretch of the imagination.

I just thought that the manga lacked that little something and to me that’s emotion. Now that the manga is receiving an adaptation maybe through animation it’ll be able to provide that emotion that I thought it lacked. In which case, I think that Koori Zokusei Danshi to Cool na Douryou Joshi will turn out to be a fairly good anime.

Himuro is an office worker who belongs to a race of supernatural beings with strange powers. Whenever he is deep in concentration, he subconsciously plunges his poor coworkers into a close rendition of the Arctic. Even so, contrary to his icy powers, Himuro is a warm and kind person. He likes flowers and cats, but alas, he cannot get too close to either.

Himuro has a soft spot for his colleague Fuyutsuki, a calm woman who has a knack for providing simple solutions to his unconventional problems. Whenever Fuyutsuki does something for him, a snowstorm of emotions builds inside Himuro’s heart, and he fails to notice the raging snowstorm he causes on the office floor.

Thanks to his snowy tantrums, Himuro’s feelings are apparent to everyone but Fuyutsuki. However, fueled by immense adoration and desire, Himuro is prepared to do whatever it takes to capture her heart.

Hi, this is mee the day after writing the first half ^^ of the blog post. I’m pleased that the anime was able to accomplish what I hoped it could, provide that emotion I thought the manga lacked.

Furthermore, I always thought that workplace anime tend to have better romance stories because they’re not over the top and tend to be a little more relatable and realistic. So I assume this will also be the case for the anime.

There were several things that I liked about the first episode in particular. I enjoyed the fact that the first episode was very tame and laid back. It was refreshing in a way because it felt as though I could relax a bit. I also love the character design, there’s just something about it that really appeals to me. I do think that the characters themselves need a little bit of work because there wasn’t much of an introduction to them. They were kind of present like this “Hey these are now characters, good day!”.

To add onto the list of “hopes and dreams” for this anime. I hope that character development is something we see here. For example, I can definitely see Himuro-kun being a character I grow tired of quickly because he has the same reaction every time and after watching the first episode, I’ve definitely gotten tired of it. So maybe him being able to control his, I guess, excitment would be a great step forward.

Another hope I have for the anime is that it explores this fantasy world we have here. I mean Himuro-kun is a descendant of a snow woman and Komori-san is a descendant of a fox. I think that’s enough to explore this world we find ourselves in. Whether or not that happens is yet to be seen but one can dream.

But anyway, apart from my hopes and dreams, I did enjoy the first episode for what it is. It was a nice and somewhat calm episode that had very little happen. To you, that maybe a bad thing, however, for me, I didn’t mind it. There are anime with first episodes that completely overwhelm the viewer, however with Koori Zokusei Danshi to Cool na Douryou Joshi that wasn’t the case. It was digestable and that’s what I like.

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