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Kumichou Musume to Sewagakari | Heartfelt moments are nice.

Kumichou Musume to Sewagakari has been an anime I’ve wanted to watch for a long time. My Instagram discovery page had little snippets from the anime several moons ago. It is because of that and the moments played in those short videos that pushed me to finally give Kumichou Musume to Sewagakari a proper look.

The first three episodes do not disappoint.

The premise itself is very interesting.

Tooru Kirishima’s notoriety is spread far and wide in the underworld. He is most commonly known as “The Demon of Sakuragi”—a man who is not afraid to resort to violence if deemed necessary. After almost jeopardizing a peace treaty, his boss tasks him with the most difficult job he has ever had: taking care of seven-year-old Yaeka Sakuragi—the boss’ precious daughter—so that Tooru understands what it means to be responsible for another life.

At first, the two do not seem to meet eye to eye, as Tooru has no clue on how to communicate with Yaeka, and the young girl is not used to expressing her emotions. However, as time goes on, they come to understand each other despite their differences. The fearsome right-hand man of a yakuza boss and the child he must protect are about to learn that family is not always bound by blood.

To be tasked with protecting the mob boss’s daughter of the boss. Is interesting for sure, and is a different take on organized crime. That is what Kirishima is tasked with, protecting Taeka.

The first three episodes I thought were amazing and very heartfelt because you have Taeka, who I think isn’t entirely sure of what her family is known for, trying to live a normal life of a child within that. Then you have Kirishima who lives and breaths the air of the underworld. It’s an unlikely mission, one that seems straightforward for Kirishima but can potentially be harder than he thought.

The first three episodes reminded me a little bit of Plastic Memories and it’s first few episodes as well. The reason why I draw that comparison is because there is a lot of emotion, enough to bring the viewer to tears. I will admit, heartfelt moments are moments I die for because they are so beautiful and so touching you cannot help but cry. I sure did watching episodes two and three. Seeing Taeka cry because of her mother, knowing that she isn’t able to wake up or talk to her because of her condition just killed me.

Sometimes you need moments that’ll make you cry and seeing this seven year-old character break down, crying because she isn’t able to talk or play with her mother; crushed me.

You also wouldn’t think that someone as ruthless as Kirishima would be able to so down to earth and careful of his words when around Taeka, reassuring that her mother is fighting just for her. Kirishima has a heart of gold, but also one of iron. It’s definitely interesting indeed. I mean, how can he be so kind while also being so cold? How is he able to articulate this well? Obviously he’s someone who has seen it all, but it makes you wonder who taught him to be this kind? He’s already a character like.

It’s safe to say that Kumichou Musume to Sewagakari has left a great first impression on me, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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