Romantic Killer | New anime, what’s this?

Romantic Killer is another anime that I saw scrolling through my ‘discovery’ page on Instagram. Who would have thought that Instagram would be the place where I find both Anime to watch, but also manga to read. But here I am, giving my first impression on the first episode of Romantic Killer.

Anzu Hoshino needs only three things in her life: video games, chocolate, and her beloved cat. Unlike other high school girls, Anzu has no time for or interest in romance. But as she begins playing a poorly programmed 3D otome game, a bizarre flying wizard named Riri emerges from the screen and calls Anzu “subject one,” the first person who will experience a dating game harem storyline in real life.

Despite Anzu’s fiery protests, Riri confiscates her favorite things to force her to focus on love. Riri orchestrates a series of unlucky incidents and romantic cliches that lead her to meet Tsukasa Kazuki, one of the most attractive boys in her school. Still enraged, Anzu is adamant about resisting Tsukasa’s charm. As all the ridiculous fabricated scenarios help Anzu warm up to Tsukasa’s pleasant nature, Riri throws other stereotypical pretty boys her way—and avoiding romance quickly becomes almost impossible.

I’ll be honest, there is a lot to take in for a first episode. Literally, a lot of things happened and even know several hours after watching the first episode. I still don’t know whether or not I fully understand nor can I fully digest everything that has happened in the first episode of Romantic Killer.

Despite the chaotic first episode, I thought it gave us something very interesting to start. You take the most unromantic person in Anzu and force her to experience romance. But do you go about that? Well, if you turn it into one of those “choose your path” romance games, then maybe she can experience romance. Personally, I didn’t really think of that, I mean I’ve seen it played out countless times in anime, where the male character gets to “pick his own path” multiple times with different female characters. However, you never see it happening the other way around.

In that respect, I think it can be quite interesting. Typically, the male protagonist would be jumping at the seems, however, maybe with Romantic Killer it’ll all be a little bit different and that’s what I need. Something different.

Anzu is a character I can relate to very much, I also think we all can to some degree. We have certain things we like, and valve. We also do not tend to be overly ‘romantic’ as we need to shy away from those things in favour of what makes us comfortable. If you’re someone who plays those romance games, then you definitely know where Anzu is coming from, you have supreme knowledge on the topic and you know the cliches that may show up throughout this anime.

However, I’m sure that Anzu will find someone who she will come to like. I can only assume that it’ll be Tsukasa Kazuki, however, if Romantic Killer draws inspiration from those “choose your path” romance games, then there will definitely be more than one person. I can envision Anzu finding herself in one of those reverse harems for sure. Which oddly enough, is something I am looking forward to seeing.

It’ll also be quite the transformation for Anzu as a character too. Going from a person who only gamed, ate chocolate, played with her cat and unromantic. To someone who falls in love with someone. I think it would be quite the journey and I’m looking forward to it.



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