Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! | Episodes 4 and 5: Mediocre couple of episodes.

I knew something like this was going to happen. But let’s be honest, who watching the anime didn’t expect something like this? As you’d expect from an anime that is largely episodic, episodes four and five of Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! were mediocre at best. This is either a major disappointment or… maybe not? Consider this a midseason review, although I am five episodes in, I feel like I’ve seen enough.

Maybe it’s just me but I honestly thought that there was more to the anime than what meets the eye. For some reason, I think the episodes that have aired thus far has been pretty empty. Which is something I tend to say a lot about many anime nowadays. It always seems as though something is missing.

This ’emptiness’ was only amplified over episodes four and five. It was so loud that I can no longer ignore it nor can I brush it aside. Maybe it’s me thinking that the next ComedyRomance that comes from the world of anime will be something a little different, or something that carries its own weight.

While yes, we have a tomboy in Tomo-chan as one of the main characters, but I’ll be honest. Apart from the fact that she doesn’t act like your typical ‘girl’ because she’s a tomboy with boyish tendencies, the story itself is pretty bland to say the least. At its root, Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! is an anime that shares a romance storyline similar to that of many others. How to get one of your best friends whom you have feelings for to accept yours, only difference is, Tomo-chan is not your stereotypical female type, and Junichirou isn’t your stereotypical male type. They’re both unnecessarily thick in the head.

But we know how this will all end. Personally, the individuals who are giving me strength to continue watching are Carol and Misuzu in large part due to the fact that they’re polar opposites of one another in every way imaginable but they’re still able to co-exist and well at that. Plenty of their own interactions with one another have been far more entertaining than Tomo’s interactions with either one of them or Jun for that matter.

I don’t want Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! to be one of those anime where the ‘supporting’ cast carry the anime to its finish. But it certainly looks like that will be the case and to be honest, I find that to be rather surprising. I say this because while reading the manga, it never felt like the supporting cast was stronger than Tomo and Jun. They always felt complimentary but for some reason the anime is reversing that for me. Maybe its my interpretation of the manga and its events verse the studio who has taken on the task of animating it.

Anyway, it’s all very interesting stuff indeed.

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