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Kumichou Musume to Sewagakari | Wholesome anime that is worth watching.

The latter half of Kumichou Musume to Sewagakari was outstanding to say the least, it was a beautiful way to end the anime. Jumping back into the thick of things is always something that helped quite a bit because it helps me reset and helps me find that passion for anime once again.

Once that passion was rekindled, I thought it was time to the world I fell into. The world of anime, this time with one clear mission. To finish, Kumichou Musume to Sewagakari and it did not disappoint. Allow me to share my thoughts on what was a great anime.

Tooru Kirishima’s notoriety is spread far and wide in the underworld. He is most commonly known as “The Demon of Sakuragi”—a man who is not afraid to resort to violence if deemed necessary. After almost jeopardizing a peace treaty, his boss tasks him with the most difficult job he has ever had: taking care of seven-year-old Yaeka Sakuragi—the boss’ precious daughter—so that Tooru understands what it means to be responsible for another life.

At first, the two do not seem to meet eye to eye, as Tooru has no clue on how to communicate with Yaeka, and the young girl is not used to expressing her emotions. However, as time goes on, they come to understand each other despite their differences. The fearsome right-hand man of a yakuza boss and the child he must protect are about to learn that family is not always bound by blood.

This story has three parts (if you will), that’s how I saw it anyway. We have the first four episodes was something I saw as introductory. We found out who our characters were and what the story was going to be primarily about. We learned about the Sakuragi family, we also learned about Kirishima and Yaeka. We also experienced the pain that Yaeka has already had to experience in not having a mother present there.

In my First Impressions blog post, I mentioned “The first three episodes reminded me a little bit of Plastic Memories…”, this was the case and them some because those four episodes alone were enough to make anyone tear up because of how emotional and heavy everything felt.

Episodes four through eight, felt like normal slice of life episodes. During this time, you felt like nothing was ever going to go wrong because everything was going so right. You could make the argument that episodes four through eight was the calm before the storm, given how everything played out. Yaeka is starting to feel more and more confident with every passing minute and Kirishima on the other hand is starting to be more ‘big brother’ like. Which is a major change for him because in the previous four, Kirishima was presented as a rather cold character.

Episodes nine through twelve was all about family and love. Which as someone who loves the wholesome moments, the past few episodes were by far my favourite. The reason being, was that we learned more about Kirishima’s past, seeing flashbacks to his mother and to the events that led to who he’d eventually become. We saw more of Yaeka’s mother and who she was and how she acted. However, most importantly we got to experience something you can consider as “something greater than yourself”.

What I mean by that was that Yaeka’s well-being and happiness was far more important to Kirishima than his own. To me that’s love and something that really moved me. Seeing that connection between Kirishima and Yaeka is something I think we’d all want, having that guardian angel constantly watching over you, making sure you’re happy, safe but also loved.

I think that Kirishima and Yaeka compliment each other really well, because they offer something that they lacked. I really enjoyed watching Kumichou Musume to Sewagakari that’s for certain. It’s definitely one of my favourites.

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