Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! | I binged it, so I think we’re good.

Part of the con of reading the manga is that you already know what’s going to happen and for me that often times sucks the joy out of watching an anime for me. Unfortunately this has been the case for Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!. But my will to finish this anime was strong and so I decided to binge watch all the episodes to catch up.

Here I am today, several weeks late, but nontheless, I am caught up. Allow me to share my thoughts on everything that I’ve watched.

Personally, what I’ve enjoyed most about these past few episodes was seeing these relationships develop. Although I know how this will end, character development is something I’ll never get bored of, especially when they’re well written. Seeing Jun’s progression through animation has been fun to watch because you can see him starting to feel more conflicted and confused whenever he’s around Tomo. He doesn’t understand nor does Jun know what to do with his feelings for Tomo. So seeing him trying to understand everything while still trying to keep things as ‘status quo’ has been fairly interesting.

Similarly, I’ve enjoyed learning more about Misuzu. She’s slowly become a more prominent figure in the anime over the past couple of episodes and her influence cannot be understated.

I enjoyed seeing that little flashback showing off how Tomo and Jun met, furthermore, I love how immediately from the start Misuzu was already getting on the nerves of Jun. I love that dynamic between Jun and Misuzu because I think it embodies a real love-hate relationship. They dislike each other, but they also like each other enough to be friends and a ‘couple’ even though that lasted a total of three days.

I also enjoyed that Misuzu’s true feelings about Tomo and Jun felt a lot, I guess deeper and more pronounced. Although she wants what is best for Tomo, Misuzu resents the fact that it may ultimately lead to her best friend drifting away from her. I find this internal conflict very interesting and adds a whole new layer of depth in my mind. Furthermore, Carol although she is very much an airhead. She’s able to sense this internal conflict within Mizusu and is in a way toying with it, teasing her about it. Which is another thing I found pretty interesting.

Overall though, the latter half of Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! has turned out to be better than expected, which is a good thing. We starting to get into the whole “what are my true feelings/intentions” part of the story, which will probably be the most important part because that is what makes or breaks an anime.

I’m excited to see how things get animated as we approach the end of the show.