Deaimon | Ex-lover, hints and unexpected surprises.

It looks as though Itsuka and Nagomu seem to be a lot more connected than we think. Personally I find it a little disappointing that Deaimon decided to give it’s biggest hint in only the fourth episode. It looks as though, Itsuka’s father is most likely the same individual who Nagomu mentioned when speaking about this “senpai” who taught him how to play guitar and who was a major influence on him in high school.

Am I a little disappointed that they gave such a major hint away? Yeah. Itsuka’s father is Tomoe Yukihira (spoilers?). Whose voice actor so happens to be Matsuoka, Yoshitsugu. A voice that everyone, anywhere can make out without a second thought. We’ve heard Itsuka’s father voice several times before in the previous episode, but now since Deaimon added a little more backstory. You can make the link that the same person Nagomu talks about shares the same voice as Itsuka’s father, not to mention character design is exact (accounting for the age difference, of course).

I would’ve liked it a little more if they (the studio) held off a little longer before making the connection. However, that isn’t something you can always get when you’re adapting a manga. You’ve got to stay true to the original source, even if that means introducing hints in the early stages of the anime.

Anyway, moving on from that, allow me to speak on Kanoko. Maybe it’s just the people I’ve been around, but the past relationships I’ve seen play out don’t turn out like the one here. I mean, it looks as though Kanoko and Nagomu seem to be on relatively good terms.

That being said, you can feel like Kanoko kind of regrets breaking it off because she’s like indirectly involved in Nagomu’s life again. Which isn’t something you’d normally expect, it’s something I certainly didn’t. The biggest indicator of this was when she was talking to Itsuka In the changerooms, Kanoko mentions that she’s now watching Nagomu from afar. Why would you do that? The only time when I think you’d say that is when you have regrets. Or maybe, Kanoko is starting to see Nagomu mature and is starting to seee him come into this own.

As a result, maybe she wants to see the kind of person Nagomu becomes.

Maybe I’m reading too much inbetween the lines. I mean, with regards to how they communicate with one another, they both seem pretty mature. So maybe, they’re professionals at this. Which wouldn’t make any sense to me since Nagomu is like that adult who still believes and acts like someone who is still in high school.

It’s weird, episodes three and four have been pretty easygoing. Maybe weird isn’t the right word, but like, I think everything is going quite smoothly. Yeah, there have been little blips here and there, but those blips were resolved swiftly and the resolve was something accepted by all the characters. Like, Nagomu literally just accepts that his ex is now living in the same general area as him, and is almost part of his life again, but as a friend. The -same can be said about Kanoko.

Then we have Itsuka chilling, let’s be honest here. Her “I want to find my father” mentality feels like a sidequest. Yes she wants to reunite with her father, she wants to know the reason as to why he abandoned her, but she is also enjoying life as is right now. It’ll be interesting to see how the next few episode progress because it cannot be too easygoing forever, there has to be something, there has to be some kind of conflict.