Buddy Daddies | It’s starting to grow on me.

As per usual, I am late to the party and will be for some time. But as I always say, better late than never. Buddy Daddies, It’s starting to grow on me. It sort of reminds me of the first season of Spy X Family. We’re getting to know the characters and we get to figure out what the story will be about.

I will admit though, I think that Buddy Daddies edges out Spy X Family in that respect. What do I mean? I mean that everything that the past four episodes have been about, with having a child doing child-like things while also being a nuisance to the parental figures; is something I really like about the anime.

That isn’t to say that Spy X Family doesn’t have any of that. It does, I mean, we have Anya trying to save the world in her own way. However, with the character Miri, she acts more like a child. Since she doesn’t know better and more importantly, isn’t able to read the minds of others; Miri and how she interacted when she was indirectly involved in those missions was how I expected a child to react.

Obviously, when you have bullets flying at you, or if you’re face to face with a scary person, you wouldn’t laugh it off. That part is a little unrealistic, however, that aside how Miri has acted is what I expected to happen. This is what happens when you’re trying to complete a mission while also taking care of a four year old child.

I also enjoy the fact that both Rei and Kazuki have accepted that Miri is now their ‘daughter’ and are just going along with it all. I mean, it’s weird that they are going along with it, but if they’re fine with it then, I don’t see why not.

Rei seems to be a very interesting character indeed because we’ve only seen flashbacks to his past, which seems to be one of neglect and suggests that he’s had a very traumatic upbringing. The way he distances himself from Miri at times, while also taking care of her, like the time he lost her at the park — it was all very interesting. Rei’s anti-social behaviour and is unwillingness to be a parental figure is a result of his own father neglecting him and you can tell that Rei doesn’t want to be that kind of person to Miri.

Seeing them interact has been nice, I have a feeling that Rei is going to change a lot because of Miri and that transformation is going to be fun to watch.

Kazuki by far seems to be the most important person in the story. I say this because he’s shouldering all this responsibility even though deep down Kazuki knows he isn’t cut out to be a father. The fact that he pushes through with it and is going through all this effort to take care of Miri and to make sure she’s smiling and happy is very telling.

That’s a backstory I’m really looking forward to seeing because I think that he’s something very real behind everything Kazuki has done for Miri. It’s almost like he’s experience something that was taken away from him and that’s the chance to be a father.

** disclaimer, I may have spoiled a little bit of the latter episodes because of the Instagram discovery page. So it’s because of this that I’m actively trying my best to catch up to avoid anymore spoilers. **.

I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing what’ll happen next.