Deaimon | It’s one big family.

What has surprised me about Deaimon as I continue to watch is how inclusive the anime feels. Like every character of Deaimon is weirdly understanding and appreciative of one another. Whether they choose to acknowledge this or not is an entirely different story, but generally speaking, Deaimon and all the characters who take part feel like one big family.

I guess you can say that Deaimon is staying true to its english title “Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness“.

What has always been interesting to me is how well Deaimon has done at promoting this sense of family. It’s incredible because it feels like everyone is quickly involved in making today a good day, regardless of prior events. The story’s ability to turn everything into a lesson learned or a moment appreciated is what has stood out the most. Whether that be the moment between Nagomu and his grandmother; Hiiro and her idol Masa; or Itsuka and her mother.

At every point of ‘conflict’ or self-doubt — things of that sort. The story has done a wonderful job at making everything feel inclusive, warm and inviting. As the blog title suggests, “… it’s one big family”.

While the family aspect was something I did enjoy quite a bit, allow me to share my thoughts on something I didn’t quite like and that is whatever happened in episode six and seven.

Episode Six

Personally, I didn’t quite understand the point of Itsuka’s mother. She feels like one of those “one-and-done” characters I’ve talked about before. She’s only there to promote this “one big family” vibe. I found it a little abrupt though that she decided to come around and take her back to France with her. I think that’s too rash of a decision don’t you think?

You show up one day, saying “I’m here to take my daughter with me back to France”. When she was the one who left Itsuka and her father in the first place. So my respect for her is a little down because, while yes, both is Itsuka’s parents ended up leaving her. But, Itsuka’s mother left while she was still a young child. Which left Itsuka with her father for years until he ultimately did it too, but this time when Itsuka was ten years-old.

In my opinion, Itsuka’s mother (Shinri Yukihira), should have thought things through a little more before coming to “collect” Itsuka. Considering that she’s spent more time with her father than her mother, the bond between father and daughter was ultimately stronger than daughter and mother. Again, they both left Itsuka, but it seems as though Itsuka has more fond memories with her father than mother.

Now that Shinri Yukihira realizes that she cannot take her daughter’s happiness away from her. Itsuka’s mother decides to head back and asks Nagomu to keep her updated. I hope that there will be some effort to rebuild this relationship, I mean it’ll be hard with Itsuka’s mother being in France. Shinri Yukihira cared enough about Itsuka’s happiness not to remove her from Ryokushou, so maybe she’ll care enough to rebuild her relationship with her daughter.

Episode Seven

I won’t go into too much of a rant like I did for episode six, but I’d like to briefly talk about the other mother that I do not like, Miyu’s mother.

I couldn’t help but feel annoyed watching her put down her daughter’s efforts. Like that, even if she finds her cute that’s so discouraging. Not to mention, Miyu’s mother situational awareness is at a -1000, I mean like come on. You’re putting down your own daughter infront of a crowd of people. In front of people who are all there with you to learn a new skill and have a good time, but you’re there roasting your own daughter.

Miyu’s mother must have forgotten that they were not just the only ones there, maybe she didn’t notice that she was being loud and drawing attention, making her own daughter feel uncomfortable. Imagine being in Miyu’s shoes at that very moment, you’re there wanting to make sweets, but your mother is too busy putting you down infront of everyone. I’m glad that Miyu stood up to her mother and told her how she really felt, I’m equally proud of Nagomu for handling the situation like a boss.

Nagomu may be an airhead and happy-go-lucky most of the time, but when it’s called upon him, Nagomu knows exactly what to say. Like at the end of the episode, somehow, Nagomu’s words hit Miyu’s mother in the right way to the point to where she apologized and reconciled with her daughter.

I am honestly looking forward to seeing what the rest of the anime has in store.