Romantic Killer | A very eventful 2nd episode.

Now I won’t be doing my usual per-episode blog post for Romantic Killer, in part due to the fact that I would like to catch up on the anime I’ve been missing while I am on my one-week staycation; but also due to the fact that like the first episode, the second episode of Romantic Killer is very eventful. There’s a lot to take in and I would like to chat about it.

Without further ado, let’s get the blog started.

I’ll be honest, the long episodes are something I’m accustomed to, which is funny to say because I’ve long been an advocate of studios producing longer episodes. But hey, I’m sure I’ll get accustomed to it eventually.

Anyway, what isn’t there to talk about?

Hoshino is a very interesting character because she’s very loud, not loud in the bad sense but in a way that makes the anime fairly entertaining. Hoshino is the star of the anime and rightfully so, I mean the story is about her and her unwillingness to fall in love with anyone because they’re “lesser” to the virtual character she falls for in her dating sim games.

Hoshino’s voice actress, Rie Takahashi has done an exceptional job over the past two episodes. I mean, let’s be real here, being a VA is hard. However, being a VA for a character that is very loud, outgoing and colourful character like Hoshino takes a lot of effort and skill. Major props to her for sure.

Where do I begin? I mean, there isn’t much for me to really talk about as I’m only two episodes into the anime. But it honestly feels like there was so much that happened during the episode that I felt compelled to write about it.

I guess we can start with how animated Hoshino is as a character, she’s like a teenaged version of Naru from Barakamon in the sense that they both convey their emotion through their face. Which by the way, if you haven’t seen Barakamon then I suggest you do as it’s one of my favourite Slice of Life anime.

The over exaggeration of the facial features is something I do like because it helps add more emotion to the episode. It also draws attention to the main character of the anime, which again is Hoshino. However, that being said I do think it was used a little too much in the second episode. Will Romantic Killer pull back on the almost frequent use of over exaggerated facial expression? I doubt it, but hey one can dream.

Now, since Romance Killer is based on the concept of an otome game, this means Kazuki won’t be the only person who plays the ‘Prince Charming’ role in the anime, there should atleast be two more. Now will the other characters be people I like? Probably not, because I believe that the person they introduce first will ultimately be the “one”.

All that to say, I kind of want Hoshino to be the person who breaks that mold of not falling for anyone. I think it would be an interesting twist to a story that seems very straightforward. She goes through this game that tests her willpower to ultimately prevail. Now that would be epic.

Anyway, onto the next episode.