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The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten | A High school married couple.

Here I am! Writing to you after having watched episode eight. As the title suggests, The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten, especially these last couple of episodes feels like I’ve been watching a high school married couple live together, while also going through their ‘honeymoon’ phase. Where they love absolutely everything about each other.

Is that a good or bad thing? I’m leaning towards it being a bad thing due to the fact that it has made the past few episodes feel kind of empty. Since both Mahiru and Amane enjoy each other’s company so much, even when they mention a “flaw” they immediately gush about how they like it and makes them who they are. It’s a little cheesy is what I’m getting at here.

Do I wish that the episodes, five through eight, were a little more interesting? Yeah. But it is what it is, now with that out of the way let’s get onto what I mentioned in my previous post. What I thought the conflict would be.

When you watch enough romance anime, you get to see the various routes that a high school romance would go down. In this case, we have the superficial high school girl, who on the surface is popular, attractive and studious; but deep down is someone who is lonely, lacking affection and insecure. Who gets paired up with someone who is able to fulfill all that, in this case, this person is Amane.

As I guessed it several days ago, the conflict (if there was going to be any) would be coming from Mahiru. Mahiru’s “parents” if you want to call them that. Are pretty crappy individuals, not wanting to be actively involved in your child’s life is, and forever will be, a cardinal sin in my books. I mean, the fact that Mahiru has done all that she could be to acknowledged by them, only for her “mother” and “father” to continue to see her as a stranger, financial burden and mistake is outrageous.

From what’s implied, Mahiru comes from a very wealthy family (god damn elitists!). What’s up with them not acknowledging their children whether they chose to have them or not? I’ve noticed that over the years. Whenever you have a child who hails from a wealthy background, the parents almost always never acknowledge the child and see them as a burden to their success. While the shunned child does everything to be acknowledged by to no avail.

It’s good that Mahiru found Amane, who is not only able to fulfill everything that she had lacked, but who has a loving family. Who accepts Mahiru and sees her as their child. I guess you could call it a match made in heaven?

This conflict though feels like a “one-and-done” thing. I do not think we’ll be seeing anymore from Mahiru’s parents because let’s be real here. We only saw Mahiru’s mother for a whole 30 seconds and that was it. Anyone who knows anime knows that she (the mother) was only there to advance the relationship between Mahiru and Amane. Which is what happened because I’m pretty sure they are either dating now or something because I think they acknowledged their feelings for one another or something. Not entirely sure though.

One thing is for sure though, they are a lot more intimate with one another then when they once were. So I assume we’re moving in the right direction. I also expect there to be a wonderful episode where they confess each other’s feelings truthfully and honestly, I think we’re saving that towards the end.

Episodes five through eight of The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten were nothing to write home about. I hope that the latter episodes will prove to be something different.

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