Buddy Daddies | Kazuki’s a great character.

An anime child, that feels and does everything that a normal four year old would say and do. To me, that realism in a fantasy world is something I enjoy a lot because it’s something you’d expect from a four year-old. I equally enjoy the fact that the love we feel is genuine. What I mean by that is, Rei and Kazuki genuinely love Miri and take care of her like their own child.

Episodes five through seven of “Buddy Daddies“, quite a bit because of the character development that takes place. I also think it these couple of episodes have done an excellent job at showing the struggles of being a parent. Having to not only take care of the child, but also the financial burden that has on the parent while also making sure that this burden doesn’t hamper and negatively affect the growth of Miri.

However, for today’s blog post I wanted to talk about episode seven was it’s the one that stood out the most to me.

I can imagine Kazuki wanting to have a break. Not only does he have to take care of Miri, but he also has to take care of Rei. Who let’s be honest here, doesn’t really do anything other than game. Imagine having do to the finances, worry about having a study source of income, making sure a four year-old’s needs a met, while also worry about your own and that if your partner-in-crime, Rei. That’s a lot to take on.

So seeing Kazuki say “screw this, I need a break” is something completely understandable because it forced Rei to take responsibility for once, but it also made Rei and Miri more appreciative of Kazuki.

However, the best part of the episode was the backstory of Kazuki and his wife. I didn’t expect that Kazuki was partially the reason for her death. I mean, if you choose a life a crime, then you put those you love at risk, granted, in Kazuki’s case it was a freak accident. What are the chances that a gas tank blows up beside a sidewalk that your wife was about to cross on? Slim to none, but as this is anime, it happened.

The pain he must have felt knowing that his occupation cost him the love of his life, but also his unborn child is beyond comprehension. Furthermore, the last memory you have of your wife is her staring back at you, cross the road as she’s parishes infront of you… is just mad. To live with this guilt for five years because you’re scared that you’ll forget her and scared of change is something crazy to think about and understand. Which is why I thought it was nice that the younger sister of Kazuki’s wife came and had a moment with him.

Also, as an aside, the fact that Kazuki continued to financially support his wife’s younger sister shows what kind of person Kazuki is.

I’m glad that Karin (Kazuki’s wife’s sister) came to cheer him up. Telling Kazuki that it wasn’t his fault for her sister’s death definitely took a lot of courage. Their little chat was wonderful because they both knew that Yuzuko (the wife/sister) wanted them to be happy and being said is something that Yuzuko wouldn’t have liked.

Not to mention, I absolutely loved the scene, when they were sitting in the gazebo and the weather transitioned from raining to sunny. It was beautiful. It was very symbolic, the winds of change, a time of healing. Absolutely wonderful.

Kazuki is a great character, Buddy Daddies has been a great anime up until this point. I am honestly looking forward to seeing what happens next. I think it’ll be exciting because I think it’s Rei’s turn to have a moment in the spotlight.

** And yes, I am going to gloss over the fact that the organization that Rei and Kazuki are a part of were responsible for the death or Miri’s father. I think that’s something that will be addressed later on in the anime**.