Deaimon | A Recipe for Happiness.

Finally, I’m able to finish this anime. Long awaited but overall, I am happy that I was able to finish it. When it comes to anime, I think that Deaimon is definitely one of the more relaxed and laid back anime I’ve watched in a long while. Which has been great for me because my life as of late has been pretty hectic. So having that one anime you can watch while you relax is something that will always be nice.

Everything from the OP to its ED is relaxing, was this the intention of the studio and of those who were working on this anime? Maybe, maybe not. However, if that was the case then the studio and the original source get major props in making the story feel great and relaxing.

Ten years have passed since Nagomu Irino left his home to pursue his dream that ultimately failed. He finally decides to return after hearing that his father—owner of the Kyoto sweets store Ryokushou—has been hospitalized. Worrying that no one would inherit the shop if his father passes away, Nagomu prepares himself to embrace his family’s legacy and the art of making sweets⁠.

Unsurprisingly, Nagomu discovers that his father has already chosen a different successor—a 10-year-old girl named Itsuka Yukihira, who was abandoned at Ryokushou by her father for reasons unknown. While she has since become a part of the family and is now the shop’s poster girl, Itsuka still longs to see her father and follows all possible clues that may lead her to him. Sympathizing with Itsuka’s situation, Nagomu’s mother asks Nagomu to act as Itsuka’s father, hoping that Itsuka will open up to him and relieve her pain, even if just a little.

Starting on bad terms, Itsuka and Nagomu gradually learn more about each other, realizing that they are more similar than they had thought. Connected by their mutual love for both Ryokushou and its confections, their relationship as child and father figure begins to make lives around them a little bit sweeter.

Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness

Deaimon just happened to be one of those anime where everyone fit, what I mean by that was it honestly felt as though everyone enjoyed each other’s presence. It was very interesting to watch, to see all these various character co-existing in a world which seemingly had no flaws.

Like, whenever there was a ‘conflict’ or a point of interest which would cause distress to one or more of the characters. It was taken care of within the episode in a manner that was rather fulfilling. Each conclusion that was reached came with it a life lesson learned by those involved. Which ultimately led to everyone having a better understanding of not only themselves, but those around them. Each conclusion felt happy and reasonable.

This is where I give the original author props because, I believe that the only reason why each conclusion felt happy and reasonable was because the characters were well rounded. Often times in anime, we have characters that focus on one aspect above others. Like you’ll have the purely comedic character, the serious one etc. However, in Deaimon while our characters had their ‘moments’ overall, each one of them felt well balanced and were complimentary of each other. Which is what made everything enjoyable to watch.

While Itsuka was a big contributor to the overall story, I thought Nagomu’s impact was greater and ultimately made the anime what it is. I’ve never experienced a character quite like Nagomu, he is someone who is all-loving and all-caring. Regardless of circumstance, this dude knows what to say and when to say it. He’s kind, caring and is living a carefree life. Throughout the anime Nagomu was seen dropping bits of knowledge each episode. Helping everyone he came into contact to learn more about themselves in the process.

In some ways you can agree that the wholesomeness of the anime is what held the anime back. I saw this because I’m a firm believer that there has to be a big conflict, like something major to make a story feel complete. In Deaimon, I didn’t see that, it was more like watching a bunch of minor inconveniences every episode. Do not get my wrong, the point of interest is different each episode, making it unique. However, there wasn’t like an ‘end goal’ of sorts. Like there wasn’t anything for the characters to work towards.

I guess you can say the relationship between Nagomu and Itsuka was something we’ve been working towards over the twelve episodes. Developing that closeness and comfortability, however, for me that isn’t enough. I wanted more.

But anyway, that’s neither here nor there. I think overall, Deaimon is what it suggests by its long form title, Deaimon | A Recipe for Happiness. The wholesomeness and overall uplifting atmosphere the anime promoted throughout the episodes cannot be understated. It set a goal of being a happy anime and it for sure accomplished this.