Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season | Episode Three: It’s more than just the main characters.

There were a ton of things to love with regards to the third episode of Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season. I think what I loved most was that the episode was just about Tsukasa or Nasa. It was an episode that focused primarily on Nasa’s former teacher, Naoko Yanagi. Who we saw in the last episode.

For the record, yes, I am writing this blog knowing that I haven’t even mentioned episodes one and two. I say this because episodes one and two were watched so long ago that I do not remember what they were about. I only just recently decided to start watching Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season again. So we start with episode three :smile:.

As I’ve mentioned the episode while still heavily influenced by Tsukasa or Nasa, they played more of a supporting role to Naoko Yanagi and this “date” that she found herself on with another teacher. That is what stood out to me the most because for once it felt like the script was flipped and it was honestly nice to watch because Naoko Yanagi’s date felt so innocent and pure.

It was kind of similar to Tsukasa or Nasa first encounter where Tsukasa asked Nasa to marry her as well as the first couple months as a married couple. That shyness and innocence manifested itself into an older version of the main pairing.

Another thing that I thought was great about episode three was that throughout the whole trip, Tsukasa and Nasa virtually went on all the same rides and attractions as Naoko Yanagi and her date because they (Tsukasa and Nasa) wanted to judge and spectate a budding romance. Almost as if Tsukasa and Nasa were now the experts and were watching their students grow up and experience something new all by themselves.

That part was funny because anyone who knows Tsukasa and Nasa know that they are far from experts especially when it comes to their own romance. Are they more comfortable with one another? Yes. But one thing still remains clear, there are still plenty of ‘firsts’ that they have to experience first before they can even consider themselves ‘experts’.

I see episode three of a sign of things to come. I thought this episode was fairly balanced in its approach and it didn’t feel overwhelming at all; which is something I like. So my hope is that every future episode is similar to this one because then without a doubt Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season will turn out to be one decent anime.



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