When I’m down and out, I read manga. #anime #opinion

It’s not everyday when I post a ‘short’ blog. To be fair, what whenever I write a blog post it never tends to be long. If I were to put all my blogs onto a spectrum, I would say that almost all of my blogs fall on the ‘short’ side of this imaginary spectrum. But I like it, shorter form content is easier to digest and it doesn’t take up too much of my day. It’s just a matter of finding a way to put my thoughts into writing.

So here we are, today’s topic is: When I’m down and out, I read manga.

Sometimes, when you’re in a rough spot and don’t feel like watching anime; You read manga instead. Which is what I find myself doing more and more nowadays. Let’s be honest, I think there will always be something more appealing about manga than any normal anime.

I’ve talked about this countless times in the past already. There’s just a level of depth and connection you feel when you’re reading a manga, or any original source material for that matter; that you wouldn’t get while watching a twenty minute episode. Furthermore, there is no lack of information, parts being skipped over or things omitted because of a deadline. You’re able to read each story and everything it entails to the fullest.

There’s a sense of completeness and satisfaction in knowing that you’re experiencing the story exactly as the creator intended, without any compromises.

I’m someone who has always gravitated towards romance manga, it’s just who I am. Although every story you read generally follows a similar pattern. You will already know what the characters will go through, their thoughts and feelings they’ll end up experiencing. Weirdly enough, it doesn’t feel as blatantly obvious when compared to anime.

This could be because of a variety of things, but I think the biggest contributing factor is how the studio goes about creating the visuals.

Visually, especially for the genre that I favour (romance, comedy), all the characters look and feel the same and the story is something I’ve watched before. But when you read a manga, each one is for the most part visually different because each author has their own style. As a result each manga I read generally feels different and unique despite it being similar to something I’ve read before.

It’s honest weird how it works.

The interplay between the written word and the visual medium in manga is a fascinating dynamic. It’s a delicate balance that allows readers to immerse themselves in the story, connecting with the characters and their journeys on a personal level. Perhaps it’s this combination of expressive artwork and intimate storytelling that makes manga such a compelling choice, especially during those times when anime fails to captivate.

It’s important to note that the preference for manga or anime is subjective and depends on individual taste. However, for those who appreciate certain aspects of storytelling and visual art, manga can be considered advantageous. So I’ve put together couple of reasons why some people may prefer manga over anime:

  1. Pace and Control: Manga lets readers choose their own speed for reading. Unlike anime, which has a set timeline, manga readers have the freedom to read and understand the story at their own pace. They can take their time to study each panel, go back and re-read sections, and fully appreciate the details and subtleties of the artwork and story.
  2. Imagination and Interpretation: Manga gives readers the freedom to use their imagination. Unlike anime, which shows everything in a fixed way, manga uses pictures and words to let readers imagine and interpret the story. With manga, readers can fill in the gaps with their own thoughts and create a more personal and immersive reading experience.
  3. Accessing Original Source Material: As we all know, everything nowadays are adaptations. So by reading the original manga or source material, fans can immerse themselves in the story as the creator intended it to be before it was adapted into an anime. This offers additional insights, details, and character development that may not be fully conveyed in the anime version.

Obviously there are many other distinguishing factors but these are the most important ones, I think.

It’s worth noting that these points do not diminish the merits of anime as a medium. Anime offers dynamic visuals, voice acting, music, and animation that can enhance storytelling in its own unique way. Ultimately, whether manga or anime is “better” depends on individual preferences and the specific qualities that one values in their entertainment experience.

In the end, it’s hard to put into words exactly why manga holds such a powerful allure. It’s a unique experience that draws you in, allowing you to explore diverse worlds and emotions through the pages. So, the next time you find yourself in a rough spot and anime doesn’t quite hit the mark, give manga a chance. You might just discover a whole new world of storytelling that resonates deeply with you.