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Telework Yotabanashi | A short story worth reading.

I love me a good story, “Telework Yotabanashi” written by Kintetsu Yamada just so happens to be a short story with a great story. As time goes on, I find myself finding more enjoyment and satisfaction in manga. More often than not I find myself looking for manga to read, as of me writing this, my personal manga list (the ones I’d like to read) is easily over twenty. However, out of all the manga I’m reading/going to read eventually, “Telework Yotabanashi” stood out and spoke to me.

It was a manga I prioritized and you know what? I’m happy I did.

The concept of remote work has gained immense popularity, especially with the pandemic that we will not think about because it gives bad memories. Through the pandemic came remote work and it is in this context that “Telework Yotabanashi” emerges as a compelling and timely manga.

Telework Yotabanashi” is a slice-of-life manga. The story revolves around a group of diverse characters who find themselves thrust into the world of remote work. Through its relatable and endearing characters (Natsu Izumi and Nokoru Mitsuhashi), the manga offers an insightful exploration of the ups and downs, humor, and personal growth experienced by remote workers.

Telework Yotabanashi” doesn’t shy away from exploring these challenges. From isolation and loneliness to struggling with self-discipline and maintaining work-life boundaries, the manga acknowledges the difficulties remote workers often face. I guess you can say the story is primarily about Nokoru Mitsuhashi who found himself him a rut until one faithful encounter where he met Natsu Izumi and from that point on everything changed.

One of the significant themes of “Telework Yotabanashi” is personal growth. I will admit, character development between Natsu Izumi and Nokoru Mitsuhashi lacks just a bit especially because they decide to spontaneously become a couple. But somehow, some way through these 20 chapters or so, they affection they have for one another only amplified with every chapter.

It was pretty unusual because although it was a short story, with minimal character development it felt as though there was more than enough there to justify these two characters being in a relationship.

Telework Yotabanashi” is a manga where one faithful encounter is enough to change your life. In the span of 20 chapters, Natsu was able to pull Nokoru out of his rut and give him someone to talk to, care for and love. Sometimes all that’s needed is that special someone and for Nokoru it was Natsu.

What makes this even more special is that Kintetsu Yamada had this as a one-shot but decided to expand on it a little bit more and I think it was well worth it. With how the manga ended there definitely was even more room for more of this story to be told. In terms of realism, I think that Telework Yotabanashi” is as real as it gets. The characters work normal jobs, meet in a relatively normal way and develop feelings for one another in a relatively normal way.

It’s because of this ‘realism’ that I was able to feel a connection and relate to these characters; that is why I loved this short story. I definitely think that “Telework Yotabanashi” is a manga that everyone should read, simply because it’s just a great short story. A short story that is worth reading.