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Daytime Star | My first taste of the manhwa world.

Daytime Star, Feature image //

Daytime Star, Feature image //

As my manga and anime list continue to grow and as I continue to neglect both of them. I decided it was time to switch it up and read something different. I decided to dabble in the world of manhwa. Of course, if you have been following me for a while then you also know that I love anything and everything romance. It’s something I mention in virtually every blog I post no matter the topic.

So I thought to myself “You know what, let’s make my first manhwa ever read a romance one”. That’s when I stumbled on “Daytime Star“. Allow me to share my thoughts on it.

Hwang Yura has always dreamed of becoming a star. Unfortunately, luck does not seem to be on her side, as she has yet to land a major role despite making her debut seven years ago. Still, Yura continues to put her best foot forward and receives a role in a movie destined for success. Much to her dismay, she is once again cast in a minor role.

Once on set, Yura runs into two familiar faces—her narcissistic ex-boyfriend Kim Jeong-u and famous actor Kang Seunghyeon. While Yura promises herself to keep her head in the game despite Jeong-u’s egotistical presence, the handsome Seunghyeon takes an interest in her due to the circumstances of their previous encounters. Through the strenuous filming, the unknown actress and the lead star form a unique relationship. All the while, Yura tackles the relentless challenges of the entertainment industry on her journey to stardom.

Daytime Star

The Art

What really stook out at me was just how beautiful everything looked. From the first chapter to the finale, everything about it looked stunning almost like a fantasy. I’m so used to black and white drawings, heck when I used to draw. I would only ever do black and white, I would never colour in my work because I always thought it made it look not as attractive. (This is most likely due to the fact that I sucked at colouring in my work).

But when I first read chapter one, I couldn’t help but marvel at how vibrant everything looked. There was a certain charm that came with the art style, it honestly felt like the way everything was coloured help convey the emotion of the characters but also of the surroundings and everything in between. It was honestly like, I was watching a stop motion show.

Furthermore, the character design was just fantastic. The characters felt like they were taken from a fantasy world. Where their genetics are that of Greek gods and goddesses.

Like ohmydays. I’m a dude, but godddamn, Seunghyeon kang is one very attractive male. This dude is chiseled like a god and extremely good looking. Yura Hwang is also extremely pretty as well.

I already thought the art was beautiful, but then you throw in two main characters who themselves look like everyone’s dream significant other and you have one very appealing web comic. AND, to top it all off, the art gets better and better each chapter. Like, the finale I thought was the best chapter in terms of art design because everything just looked so crisp, clean and magical.

The Characters and story

As you’d expect, Seunghyeon kang and Yura Hwang are made for each other.

We have the very manly Seunghyeon kang a world star actor. Insanely popular and famous and has people fawning over him. Then we have Yura Hwang an aspiring actress looking to make it big for herself. How they meet is something you’d expect, they formally meet while at work filming a drama.

After that first formal encounter their fate was sealed, as a 72 chapter journey begins as we follow Seunghyeon kang and Yura Hwang on a road that would see them end up being more than just co-workers that met on set.

The story itself is pretty straightforward because they ultimately start out as strangers, but there’s something about themselves that draws the other towards them. Making the characters wanting to learn more. Each episode we see them learn more about each other and spend more time with one another while also dealing with the everyday goings-on as actor and actress.

As is with every story, there are ups and downs and times when they needed support from one another. Which is something I liked, but not for the reason why you’d think. What made the story stand out to me was that it was indeed very much a fairytale. Prince charming and Cinderella.

It also helped that the qualities Yura Hwang fell short in, for example, self-confidence and courage; Seunghyeon kang excelled and gave Yura even more love and support. Throughout the manhwa, they gave each other nothing but unconditional love and support and were each other’s grounding pillar.

I especially love that at the end, this aspiring young actress, was able to achieve everything she wished for and then some. All because Seunghyeon was there and supported her every step of the way. I don’t know about you, but the relationship between Seunghyeon kang and Yura Hwang is something to die for, it’s literally too perfect.

My Concluding thoughts

Did “Daytime Star” set the bar high? Yes, yes it did. Personally, I think the romance in manhwas are 100x better than the ones you find in manga. I adore the fantasy, fairytale-like vibe. Is the relationship portrayed something unreasonable? Yes, I mean it for sure isn’t realistic (I don’t think anyway). Maybe it’s because this is my first ever manhwa that I feel this way about it.

I think that “Daytime Star” will be that one manhwa that stands out simply because it opened my eyes to manhwa, atleast the romance ones anyway. You always remember your first, for better or for worse. As of the time of me writing this blog, it’s been several days since I’ve last read it and since then I’ve been on a manhwa reading spree.

I’m even re-reading “Daytime Star” right now as I write because I want to relive it but also because I want what I say to be accurate. Even now, I’m still enjoying it.

I thought that “Daytime Star” struck an amazing balance, it had all the elements to make a great story, wonderful character design and personalities. Beautifully designed scenes; ups and downs, an antagonist. But most importantly as I’ve mentioned many times this blog, it was able to captivate me and make me want more. Which is the most important thing in my books, a story’s ability to captivate the reader is what will ultimately determine its success, and it’s a major success in my books.

Daytime Star” is an amazing romance manhwa, would recommend.

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