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Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season | An enjoyable slice of life.

Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season -- feature image //

Tonikaku Kawaii 2nd Season -- feature image //

I love slice of life anime, you know that tend to rate them pretty high up on my list. I think that Tonikaku Kawaii happens to be one of those series that just works. Often times, especially with slice of life anime, the second season tends to fall off a little bit with regards to overall enjoyment. Well atleast, that is what happens for me. But when it comes to Tonikaku Kawaii the second season there was something about it that really appealed to me.

Character development plays a big role here because while yes, Tsukasa and Nasa are still learning more about each other each day. What I enjoyed more about the second season is that they’re starting to become more intimate with one another, but they’re also a lot more appreciative of each other.

I also think that the supporting cast plays a bigger and better complimentary role. Which again, just props up our two protagonists even more. The anime’s ability to strike a balance between its usage of both main and supporting cast is something that I applaud.

More often than not we see two extremes. We either see a supporting cast that features a little too much and overshadows the supposed main cast. Or we have a main cast that is not interesting enough and is unfortunately features a little too much; resulting in episodes feeling empty because there’s little to no inclusion of the supporting crew.

Tonikaku Kawaii has done an exceptional job at managing this aspect of the show. Are the main cast interesting, you can argue for and against, for sure. As Tsukasa and Nasa are always lovey-dovey with one another it’s easy for that to become boring and stale. However, if you’re for Tsukasa and Nasa then you can make the argument that despite being lovey-dovey their constant open communication with each other about everything and anything is something you appreciate.

That certainly is something I appreciate. I enjoy the fact that both Tsukasa and Nasa are very open with each other. In my opinion, Tsukasa and Nasa’s relationship is a very idealistic one because they’re open with one another, and their very appreciative and supportive too. Credit to Nasa’s personality, the dude is very considerate and appreciative.

All that being said, I haven’t forgotten the fact that both Tsukasa and Nasa are in their teens. So the fact that they’re married and everyone around them are supporting this union every step of the way is odd to say the least. But hey if they strongly feel that way with one another and everyone is supporting this union unconditionally then I’m all for it.

The second season of Tonikaku Kawaii was a very enjoyable slice of life. What made it good was, as previously mentioned, the growing connection between our two characters, but more importantly was that the second season felt like a continuation. Yes, all additional seasons for any anime is by definition a “continuation” of the story.

However, when we talk slice of life anime, there have been many-a-times where you’d go to watch the second or third season and it feels like something is off. Almost as though there has been a soft reset, instead of trying to connect the additional season, the latter feels like a different anime. It’s quite weird honestly and I don’t know if I described what I mean properly or if it makes any sense. But hey, that’s the fun of typing on the spot.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. 7/10 — very enjoyable indeed!

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