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Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon | An animated manhwa.

This is some stuff I see out of manhwas. As you can probably tell from my recent blogs, I’ve been on a manhwa grind. I’ve slowly stepped out of the “modern romance” space and into the “fantasy romance” space of this new world I find myself in.

I’ve taken on a ton of new manhwa, a lot of them pertaining to becoming a wife to a husband you’ve never met before. That is what stuck out at me when I first laid on eyes upon “Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon“. A daughter abused by her own family, given away to another so they wouldn’t have to deal with her; or to establish some sort of an alliance.

Of course, the person they’re married off to is someone who has a swirl of bad press and rumors. Someone who is called and is someone who wants nothing to do with their bride. Only for that relationship which starts out as the two of them being strangers to be one where they are lovers.

The first two episodes would more or less give you that, and then it begins to unfold little by little to take it to where it wants to go. The journey though it seems to be riddled with dangers, will be a happy one, at least that’s the vibe with this.

The mood is often dark and gloomy, which contrasts really well with the small windows of bright and cheery scenes. It may seem like sometimes things are taken too far, but that is due to it sticking to it’s time more than what modern times would be. It is always a pleasure when the piece in question enacts well the time it is set in, as the difficulty of emulating history is indeed quite high.

The less I say about the characters the better. Both Miyo and Kiyoka are very interesting characters, obviously the person that is the focal point of the anime is Miyo because of how they’ve staged everything it makes it seem as though Miyo is more important to the greater story than what is being let on right now.

Having been put down, neglected and mistreated for not being “good enough” Miyo certain carries a lot of intrigue because despite all this negative from her family and her own feelings about herself. The way things have led on, I firmly believe that she has some hidden power that has been suppressed because of her horrendous upbringing.

Which will only be realized through the love and care of her husband Kiyoka, who already knows everything about her. It’s honestly like I’m watching a manhwa, like I’ve said, I’ve been on the grind for a little bit now; and I’ve come across so many stories that follow a similar tread.

If I were a betting man, I predict that Miyo’s true abilities will only be realized once she feels like she has someone who loves and cares for her; ultimately having someone who can dispel the fears and pain Miyo holds in her heart.

Episodes three and four were even more interesting because they introduce the potential conflict. Episodes three and four also highlight how much Miyo’s father doesn’t care about her, the dude asked for time to determine whether or not they’ll apologize for his mistreatment of Miyo. Talk about scum!

I hope that whatever the future holds, Miyo and Kiyoka come out of it together and even stronger than befoe because Miyo deserves better! Since, “Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon” reminds me of a manhwa, I will continue watching this one for sure.