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Guilty Crown | Does it Suck?

Today we talk about Guilty Crown. The Anime aired during the fall of 2011 and was given the highest of expectations, with just over 500k people having this Anime on MAL there is no question […]

No Game No Life | Second Season?

Today we’re going to talk about my favourite Anime of ALL TIME, No Game No Life. This Anime that I consider a masterpiece is I think the best Anime of 2014. Before everyone asks, disclaimer, I […]

Konobi |Worth Watching?

Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!, or Konobi for short, aired in the Summer Season of 2016 and in my eyes was one of the better Comedy Anime of 2016. With just under 100k people […]

Nisekoi | Does it Suck?

Today, I rant about an Anime that I thought would have been good.. If it followed the story.

Shounen Maid | Worth Watching?

I thought today, we could go over an Anime that I thought was amazing for the genre of Slice of Life.

ReLIFE | Second Season?

After writing a few reviews and such, I found myself writing about Anime that are usually in the ‘Slice of Life’ genre. Which I thought was really neat, but anyway, today we’re going to be […]

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari | Worth watching?

Today we explore an Anime that is dear to my heart and is one that is I believe, underrated.