Category: Worth Watching?

ef: A Tale of Melodies. | The Anime that made me cry.

Warning to everyone, this is a biased review, this Anime I believe is a beautiful Anime and it’s really hard for me to talk about an Anime that brought me to tears. Ef: A tale […]

Myself ; Yourself | Is it worth watching?

Hull once again, I bring to you another Anime review. Due to my inability to bring you one yesterday, I will be making sure that Friday and Saturday will have reviews posted for you. Today, […]

3-gatsu no Lion | My favourite Anime of 2016.

HI! Sorry I missed, totally didn’t forget… But anyway, this is one Anime I’ve been wanting to talk about for the longest time. 3-Gatsu no Lion, an anime that I think was the best Anime […]

Sakura Trick| Best Yuri?

Oh yes, an Anime labeled as a Yuri. Not Yuri on Ice, that isn’t actually a Yuri, but an actual YURI. WOAH. Before we begin, this Anime can get very inappropriate depending on what you […]

GJ-bu | Worth Watching?

Hello and welcome back! Today we’re going to be looking at Gj-bu, an Anime known to me for it’s laid back feel.  More importantly, is the Anime worth watching? Good question, hopefully, my own review […]

Amagi Brilliant Park | Worth Watching?

Hi! Welcome! Tonight, we’re going to be looking at Amagi Brilliant Park, an Anime that I really enjoyed watching (Regardless of what I rated its different parts, I still really liked the anime, just fyi). […]

Kyoukai no Kanata | One of my favourites

Beyond the boundary or Kyoukai no Kanata, is an Anime that I love dearly. It is one of my favourite Animes ever. Today, I’d like to take the liberty and explain to everyone why Kyoukai […]