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Sankarea | Worth Watching?

Originally, I didn’t have high expectation of this series. No, it is not because the series is tagged as “ecchi” by MAL or the fact that the main character has a zombie fascination. The story tells […]

Inu x Boku SS | Worth Watching?

Looking through my archives of Anime and information I wrote about them, I tumbled upon Inu x Boku SS. An Anime I totally forgot about – not anymore though. Today, we revisit an old favourite […]

UN-GO | Worth Watching?

Hi, and welcome to another review. I’ve done a lot recently that follow the same kind of layout and I haven’t done a lot where I just wrote what was on my mind. Today’s blog […]

Kimi to Boku. | Season One review

That’s right! I’m going back to my Slice of Life, Comedy, and school Anime – and no one can stop me! You see, when you’re bored and have nothing to do, what do you do? […]

Shakugan no Shana III | Worth Watching?

The end of an Anime that people just love for some reason (myself being one of them). The finale to the SNSana series, one that brought many mixed reactions throughout the seasons it had. Sometimes […]

Persona 4 the Animation | Based on the Game!

For the record, I didn’t know that this Anime was based off the game, which so happens to have the same title of the Anime. What I find interesting that there is a decent amount […]

Dance in the Vampire Bund | Is it really worth watching?

When I first saw this Anime, I thought “Dance” then I thought “Vampire” then I came to “Dancing vampire?” Much to say, this Anime was very, well, interesting to say the least. As many of […]