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Category: Anime Universe

Megalo Box | Anime Universe

The first two episodes immediately had me glued to my seat as we witness Junk Dog showing his fighting skills as a Megalo Boxer. It didn’t take long to realize […]

Konohana Kitan | Anime Universe

The initial first episodes portrays the innocent fox Yuzu as she arrives at Konohanaeti. The first impressions she brings in is questionable as Yuzu really demonstrates what it means to […]

Inuyashiki | Anime Universe

After a certain mysterious incident from the first episode, we find out that Ichiro and Hiro develops mysterious powers that could change mankind forever. This show establishes the two characters […]

Sakura Quest | Anime Universe

The idea of taking a young girl to a new place with a big responsibility on their shoulders strikes intriguing. I mean, the idea can even be relatable like the time […]

Hinamatsuri | Anime Universe

The most evident is the selling of the comedic character reactions. Main characters Hina and Nitta does this the best as they come from very different backgrounds. On the surface […]

Violet Evergarden | Anime Universe

The first few episodes came in as anime originals and that left me with some mixed reception. However, I will say that the pilot episode was a terrific picture. Beyond […]

Sora yori mo Tooi Basho | Anime Universe

The story starts off with four high school girls who are total strangers and have problems that are related to one another. In the first few episodes, these problems were […]