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SKET Dance | Deserving of a Second Season?

Woow! A title I haven’t used in a LONG time. Is SKET Dance worthy of a second season? In my opinion, I do think so. I personally loved the Anime, while it was airing. Although […]

Grisaia no Rakuen | A must watch in my books!

Yay! On this lovely Wednesday day, I get to talk about one of my favourite Anime, Grisaia no Rakuen. This particular Anime is the second season, and I can tell you right now, the second […]

Magi | If you haven’t seen it, then you must!

Ohmygosh, have you seen Magi? If you haven’t then you’re totally missing out on a really amazing Anime. Airing one after another, Magi has two total seasons, both of which have a rating higher than […]